7 Ways to Look Skinnier in One Day ...

You can plan a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday but those are hardly the only events you want to show up to looking your best. Am I right? Then I bet youโ€™d want to know more about all possible and impossible ways to look skinnier in one day. Yes, that is possible and it doesnโ€™t include starving! So check out these 7 interesting and EASY ways to look skinnier in one day and may you always look as great as you feel inside!

1. Fake Tan

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Tanned skin always looks nicer so, if you need to look like a million bucks and you have less than 24 hours to make it happen all you need is a self tanning lotion and a steady hand to apply it evenly. Donโ€™t overdo your knees and elbows, be sure to wash your hands after you finish and everything will go great. If youโ€™re not sure about it, you can always use one of those lotions for gradual tanning โ€“ the result wonโ€™t be as dramatic but at least you canโ€™t make a mistake.

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