13 Tips on How to Lose Love Handles Fast ...

By Lyndsie

13 Tips on How to Lose Love Handles Fast ...

How to Lose Love Handles Fast: this is something the majority of women would love to know. «Love handles» is such a misnomer, the phrase doesn't adequately describe that extra padding of flesh around your hips. There are lots of reasons women seek to figure out how to lose love handles fast. They create unsightly bulges, they make it hard for your clothing to fit properly, and they can really mess with your self esteem. The good news is that you can get rid of them pretty easily, as long as you're willing to put in the effort. If you want to learn how to lose love handles fast, just try these helpful tips and exercises.

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1 Leg Flutters

Exercise is one of the most essential tips on how to lose love handles quickly. Leg flutters are especially helpful. They work by making your back stronger, and that can firm your stomach and eliminate love handles. To properly do leg flutters, lay down on your stomach, lift your head up a bit, and keep your arms out by your sides or bent at the elbows. Once in position, bring your knees and feet up off of the floor and kick your legs back and forth. Do this for 30 seconds, relax, and repeat.

Updated on 5/25/2023

Love handles are those pesky pockets of fat that sit around the sides of your waist. They can be difficult to get rid of, but with dedication and a few simple tips, you can be rid of them in no time.

Leg flutters are a great exercise to help you lose love handles quickly. Leg flutters work by strengthening your back muscles, which in turn firms your stomach and gets rid of those pesky love handles. To do leg flutters, start by laying down on your stomach with your head slightly raised and your arms either out by your sides or bent at the elbows. Then, lift your legs and feet off the floor and kick them back and forth. Do this for 30 seconds, rest, and then repeat.

In addition to leg flutters, there are many other exercises that can help with love handles. Crunches, planks, and Russian twists are all great exercises to help get rid of love handles. For crunches, lay down on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your head and slowly lift your head and shoulders off the floor. Hold for a few seconds and then lower yourself back down.

2 Twisting Crunches

Twisting crunches are a lot like regular crunches. The only difference is that, as you lift into crunch position, you raise one knee and try to touch it with your elbow: left knee to right elbow and right knee to left elbow. These exercises deal with the muscles around your waist – and any excess fat, of course.

3 Standing Trunk Twists

Trunk twists are incredibly easy. All you have to do is stand up straight with your feet spread out so there's a foot in between them. Keep your knees lax and relaxed, then twist your trunk to the right. As you do so, you need to make sure your legs and your hips are stable. While twisting, you need to punch the air, letting your left arm cross in front of your body. Repeat by twisting to the left and punching with your right arm. Try doing 25 reps for each side to start.

4 Leg Lifts

When you're learning how to lose love handles fast, simple leg lifts can help a lot. Now, there are a lot of variations to this exercises, so it all comes down to which one works for you. You might prefer being flat on your back and lifting each leg a few inches on the ground, or you might prefer the version that positions you on your side.

5 Standard Crunch

Traditional crunches can eliminate love handles as well. This works your obliques, as well as the muscles around your waist. Go easy and don't strain yourself, remember to start out slow. Crunches can be painful when you aren't used to doing them, but as you get into it, they'll be easier and easier.

6 Jogging

Jogging is a great exercise when you want to trim your hips and love handles. Running works your legs and your gluts, which in turn makes your waist smaller and gets rid of excess flesh and flab. Again, you need to start slow, especially when you aren't used to running.

7 Bicycling

If you're wary of jogging, biking makes a great alternative for all the same reasons. You may be able to do it for longer amounts of time as well, since you're on wheels. Biking will tone your thighs too, and it will make your rear tight and taut.

8 Drink More Water

In learning how to lose love handles fast, you'll find that lots of methods are quite simple. For instance, drinking more water every day is a great way to get rid of your love handles, simply because water is a healthier alternative to any other beverage. Drinking water can also help you get rid of bloating, which may have a positive effect on your love handles.

9 Healthy Diet

If you want to get rid of your love handles, a good diet is essential. Eat lean meats, plenty of vegetables and fruits, and stay away from bad sugars and bad carbohydrates. Saturated fats and trans fats are a bad idea as well, because when you're dealing with love handles, it's true that most bad foods go straight to the hips.

10 Proper Portion Sizes

In order to successfully implement a healthy diet, you need to learn portion control. By moderating your intake so that you don't eat too much at once, you'll start trimming your hips and your love handles. Remember, it's better to eat several small meals and snacks throughout the day, rather than three heaping meals.

11 Don't Multitask

Multitasking has become commonplace in today's society, but it has no place being part of your snacks and meals. If you frequently eat while working, watching TV or talking on the phone, it's much more likely that you can overeat or feel unsatisfied after you're done eating. Eat slowly and while you're not distracted so you can appreciate all the flavors and enjoy your food.

12 Keep a Food Journal

You've probably heard this tip a million times, but the reason why it's mentioned so often is because it works. Writing down everything you eat and drink will help you keep track of what you consume and hold you accountable. It's also a good way of seeing patterns in your eating habits so you can make adjustments as needed.

13 Be Flexible

The last tip on how to lose love handles is to take it easy on yourself. Forcing yourself to follow a strict eating and workout plan and denying yourself any of your favorite foods can make it hard to stick to a healthy lifestyle and lead to overeating. Enjoy the foods and drinks you love in moderation and you'll still be able to lose those love handles while keeping your sanity intact.

It's easy to learn how to lose love handles fast. The key is just making sure you work at it. You have to be determined, patient, and willing to do the exercises essential in discovering how to lose love handles fast – and successfully. You can easily tone your hips, leaving them tiny and toned or full and curved. Whatever body type you prefer, following these tips will successfully get rid of any unsightly bulges. Do you have any other tips on how to lose love handles fast?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington

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Well, I guess all that OJ I have been drinking might help explain my weight gain. Had no idea. Cutting it out immediately because I have really been drinking A LOT of juices.

How do I go about loosing my Love handles

spiderman pushups are good as well


Can you help me pleas


WOW! Thanks!

Very helpful points that I'll carry with me on my weight loss journey :)

cruches are bad for the back though i'd rather avoid that

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