9 Fast Exercises to Lose Weight ...

There are so many Fast Exercises to Lose Weight, how do you know which will work best for you? You have to find the right combination of weight-bearing exercise, non weight-bearing exercise, cardio, and weight training to get the best results, and you have so many choices! Here are 9 fast exercises to lose weight... how will you combine them to get the results you want!

1. Swimming

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Swimming is not only a fast exercise to lose weight, it's also one of the best low-impact exercises, it's a great cardio workout, and it's easy! Sign up with a local pool, or invest in a backyard version for yourself... it's a splurge, but they're not as expensive as they used to be!

2. Elliptical

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Oh how I love my elliptical! I set the timer, set my resistance, launch my Kindle, and I'm off! It may seem a little clumsy at first, but once you get used to using an elliptical, this will be one of your favorite exercise machines, too.

3. Running

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Running, jogging, even fast walking... all of these are fast exercises to lose weight, and all are also very good cardio exercises, too. If you're out of shape and know you'll tire quickly, start slow, with a fast walk, and see how quickly you can go from there to a jog, to a run, to maybe a marathon! Who knows?

4. Rowing

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Whether you're doing it in a lake on a boat or in the gym on a machine, rowing is an excellent exercise to lose weight. It's good for your heart, it helps build lean muscle, and, if done correctly, it's great for your core. The trick? Don't lean back. Keep your stomach muscles tight, and when completing the rowing motion, pull the bar (or oars!) towards your middle, rather than leaning back.

5. Rock Climbing

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It's all about the upper body strength, with a little agility, forward thinking, and bravado thrown in for good measure. This is also an ideal fast exercise to lose weight because (a) you can do it with friends and (b) it's never, ever boring. Adrenaline rush, anyone?

6. Callisthenics

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There's a reason people have been doing calisthenics for centuries: they work. Push-ups are, according to my personal trainer, the world's most perfect fast exercise to lose weight. Combine them with lunges, squats, crunches, jumping jacks, and more, and you have a perfect exercise routine.

7. Team Sports

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While this isn't a fast exercise to lose weight all on its own, it can be. Curling is technically a team sport, but you're not going to lose weight doing that! Try soccer, or basketball, or roller derby β€” any team sport that forces you to run around, keeping your heart thumping and you sweating for a half hour or so.

8. Skating

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Ice skating, speed skating, even hockey β€” these are some marvelously fun, year-round fast exercises to lose weight, and to tone your legs and butt and core, and they're great cardio! Plus, you'll look so cute in your ice skating gear...

9. Dieting!

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I know, I know, this isn't an exercise. But it's worth mentioning because no exercise regimen will help you lose weight unless you're following a well-balanced, healthful diet.

These are the best fast exercises to lose weight, especially if you combine them... which combination will work best for you? Try them and see! There are so many ways to mix them up, so many combinations of all these fast exercises to lose weight, there's bound to be a combo that's perfect for you... or maybe you already have he perfect weight-loss combination? Do tell!

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