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There are so many ways to burn calories… wait! Right there! You blinked, so you just burned a few calories! But chances are, two or three calories aren’t even close to the number of calories you want to burn. If you want to burn more calories, in the hundreds-per-day category, without making yourself crazy or exhausted, I can help! Here are 7 super easy ways to burn more calories.

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Add Weight

If you want to burn more calories, add a little weight, or a little extra weight, to your workout routine. Add hand weights and/or ankle weights to calisthenics, add heavier dumbbells to weight training… you get the idea!


Add Intensity

Here’s another great way to burn more calories… if you use an elliptical or treadmill, bump up the intensity (or incline or speed) just a little, until you’re pushing yourself a little harder. There! That ought to do the trick!


Park It!

Imagine going to work or to the store, and the frustration of circling the parking lot, looking for a space close to the door. Forget it! Burn more calories by parking in the far reaches of the parking lot (where spaces are a lot easier to find) and fast-walk or even jog into the building. I’ve timed it: to get into my favorite mall takes a six-minute jog from the top of the parking deck!


Take Flight

Burn a few more calories a few times a day by taking the stairs, rather than the elevator or escalator, when you’re at work or out shopping. You’ll burn more calories, and give your legs and tush a nice mini workout, too!



I’m lazy. There, I said it! I don’t like to hustle and prefer to mosey or lolly-gag. But when I want to burn more calories, I’ll pick up the pace and fast-walk or even jog around while I’m doing errands or even while I’m out shopping. I’m sure it might look odd, like I’m always in a hurry, but hey, I’m burning calories here!


Walk, when You Can

Speaking of walking and jogging, think of how many more calories you’ll burn if you walk or jog around the neighborhood, rather than driving, when you’re out running errands. Some, like trips to the grocery store, obviously won’t work (unless you have a VERY roomy backpack), but some might… give it a try! You’ll burn more calories and burn less fuel. Better for you, better for your pocketbook, better for the environment.


Stand in Line

When I’m standing in line, I do calf raises. It’s one of the few GOOD habits I’ve developed that’s just automatic now, one that helps me burn more calories without even thinking about it. In addition to burning those calories, I have enviable calves, too.

Wow, it’s going to be impossible now NOT to burn more calories, isn’t it? You’re going to find yourself doing those calf raises every time you have to stand in a line now, aren’t you? Which of these ways to burn calories are you going to try, and which just seem like too much work? Do tell!

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