8 Everyday Activities That Burn the Most Calories ...


8 Everyday Activities That Burn the Most Calories ...
8 Everyday Activities That Burn the Most Calories ...

Everyday activities that burn calories I’m going to list here will help you update your easy weight loss plan with a few more interesting activities known for their multiple benefits. Now, I’m sure you know that most of your at home weight loss can be achieved by doubling usual chores such as cleaning, pressing clothes, walking your dog but there are other, different stuff you can do as well, just to keep it interesting. And here are a few calorie burning activities you may want to consider:

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Want a good reason to finally clear that junk from your backyard and start growing your own fruits and veggies? Well, listen carefully – two hours of plucking weeds, digging and watering your crops outside the virtual world of Facebook can help you lose more than 600 calories! How cool is that! I bet you haven’t considered this option or, even if it did occur to you that gardening is one of those everyday activities that burns calories, I’m sure you had no idea the calorie loss is so huge.



Early summer is the perfect time to consider re-painting your walls but, this time, do let the hubby sit out through most of it and call him in only when there are heavy things to be moved around and high and dangerous places to be reached. Why? Because a few days of this activity doesn’t only mean a nicer house but easy weight loss as well! Two hours of DIY house painting can help you lose just as much calories as you would have if you decided to grow your own veggies so grab your paint buckets, rollers and brushes and give your house a makeover!



If you thought “shop ‘till you drop” is nothing more than a catchy phrase, you’re in for a big surprise! Shopping actually happens to be a very demanding physical activity that could help you burn about 250 calories per hour! Now, I don’t know about you but I’ll sure add this one to my list of calorie burning activities.


Lawn Mowing

Being obsessed with the aesthetics of your lawn also falls under the category of everyday activities that burn calories so the next time you feel like doing Nelson’s trademarked “Ha-ha” at your neighbor for babying his praised St. Augustine Grass, do remember that he also loses more than 300 calories per hour of lawn upkeep! Now, if that’s not a good reason to start paying attention to what grows in your front yard, I don’t know what is!


Playing Cards

Anyone up for a round of poker? Well, if you though the only light feeling you’re ever going to get by playing this game is the one in your wallet you’re in for a big surprise because an hour of playing cards can help you burn more than 100 calories! Who knew at home weight loss could be that much fun! But why not take a step further and do everything you can to maximize that weight loss by asking your boyfriend/husband to join you for a game of strip poker (wink).



Don’t lose those hours of sleep because, as unusual as it sounds, sleeping is an everyday activity that burns calories! Nice, relaxing eight hours of it, for example, will help you lose a shocking 350 calories and let’s not forget that a good night’s sleep is what keeps your body functioning properly, helping you lose even more calories during hours you spend being awake.



It isn’t a lot of fun but it sure is useful…in more ways than you could imagine! Deciding to use an hour of your free time washing your car or windows will prove to be an awesome full body workout resulting in more than 300 calories lost and if you plan to reorganize your furniture or have some boxes that need to be carried away, you can count on losing at least 400 calories per hour by simply doing these jobs yourself.



You think cooking is easy? Well, how do you explain the fact that one hour of this activity can help the happy cook burn 90 calories? Ha, bet you didn’t even think cooking is one of those awesome everyday activities that burn calories and that you now feel better for deciding to make a home-cooked meal today.

Can you name a few everyday activities that burn calories and is there a special secret for easy weight loss you’d like to share?

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