8 Tasty Foods for Weight Loss That Won't Build up Calories ...


8 Tasty Foods for Weight Loss That Won't Build up Calories ...
8 Tasty Foods for Weight Loss That Won't Build up Calories ...

Ladies, eating healthy doesn’t have to be heard, there are tons of tasty foods for weight loss and also just to look and feel great! I know lots of people are under the misconception that in order to lose weight you have to give up yummy food and walk around starving all day but that’s so far from the truth! I’ve rounded up 8 tasty foods for weight loss that you’ll love and gladly trade in for fast food!

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Goji Berries

These berries are one of my favorite tasty foods for weight loss! Not only do they taste great, but they are awesome sources of protein and make a fantastic mid-day snack to help curb hunger and give you energy to plow through the rest of your day. Goji berries are also high in antioxidants and Vitamin A that have anti-aging properties! If you love tart treats, Goji berries will be your weight loss BFF!



This weight loss superfood has kind of a bad rep for having fat, but the truth of the matter is that fats in avocados are good for you! The fats in avocados are monounsaturated meaning they are “good” fats and great for your heart and chomping on a few slices of these guys will help you stay full longer throughout the day and they’re also packed with fiber and protein!



I know that the slimming superfood grapefruit isn’t at the top of everyone’s favorite fruit list, but it should be, especially for those who are trying to slim down! Grapefruits are high in water, fat-burning enzymes and help lower cholesterol. Make grapefruit your go-to snack and watch those pounds melt! If you’re not a fan of the bitter and tart flavor, try sprinkling some Stevia on it!



Another tasty food for weight loss that really incredible for your health are almonds. Whole almonds as well as almond milk are both really great for weight loss and health. Almonds give you an energy boost, regulate cholesterol and helps with brain development. Eat a handful of almonds as one of your mid-day snacks every day to be slim, smart and sassy!



Lentils are definitely a weight loss superfood! Not only are these little guys easy to prepare but they’re also filled with heart healthy fiber, iron for energy and help stabilize blood sugar. Lentil soup is one of my favorites that tastes great and also keeps me feeling full but you can also throw them on salads or toss them in with noodles and vegetables.



Sweet bananas are another one of my favorite tasty foods for weight loss! I love how portable and yummy these fruits are and are fantastic as a pre-workout snack! Bananas give you a boost of energy, are filled with fiber and they’re known to be good to munch on during that time of the month to help with cramps and a mood boost!


Dark Chocolate

OMG, you have no idea how happy I was to see this slimming superfood on this list of tasty foods for weight loss! Milk chocolate is great and all but there are way more benefits to snacking on dark chocolate and I love it just as much! Dark chocolate provides tons of healthy antioxidants, minerals and helps you feel fuller longer!



Cheese is another weight loss superfood that I didn’t expect to see on this list! Goat and Feta cheese are both weight loss powerhouses being low in calories and sodium as well as being high in protein and they both contain fat burning properties. Sprinkle either ones of these yummy cheeses on salads or soups for a nice kick!

Load up on these 8 tasty foods for weight loss and watch those pounds melt! Your body and taste buds will love you for filling up on such nutritious and delicious foods that are so good for you! Even if you don’t love one of these foods, just try it mixed with foods you love or try preparing it in a non-traditional way to change things up!

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I agree! I like this blog!! Lots of things on here that I eat on a normal basis. I just recently started an herbalife program (and distributing) and in two and a half days lost 5lbs. Everything is all natural..just the highest quality nutrients and plants in powder and tablet form. It's amazing stuff! I do two healthy meal shakes a day (breakfast and lunch) and then eat the almonds and avocados and stuff! :) Great way to stay healthy and happy!

8 tasty foods that won't build up calories (via Twitter)

Great article and great list ! But I think dark chocolate is my fav of them all haha. Thank you !

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