9 Fun Ways to Lose Weight ...


9 Fun Ways to Lose Weight ...
9 Fun Ways to Lose Weight ...

When you exercise in fun ways to lose weight, then exercise actually becomes much easier. When you don't view it as work, you can generally keep going for longer amounts of time, which is awesome. You just have to find fun exercises for weight loss – but don't worry, there are plenty! You can have a great time while you're getting fit, so much so that you'll increase your stamina, your metabolism, and your overall fitness level without even realizing it. Check out how you can start losing weight the fun way!

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Play a Sport

There are tons of fun ways to lose weight, and many of them lie in sports. It doesn't matter what sport you play either, if you enjoy it, then you'll be both losing weight and having fun! Softball, baseball, soccer, basketball – whatever you like, see if you can get together a pick up game with your friends or workout buddies every week. You'll all have a blast, you'll get to spend time together, and you'll be getting fit!


Head to the Beach

Actually, head to the beach or to a nearby pool. The point is that swimming is definitely a fun way to lose weight. If you're a water baby, you can probably spend hours in the water without getting winded. You don't have to actively swim the whole time, either; spend some time treading water or floating if you get tired. When you do swim, however, make sure that you do it long enough to get your heart rate going. If you can swim in the ocean, if it's practical, go for it – safely, of course! The resistance of the tide provides a great workout!


Dance Your Butt off

No matter where or how you dance, it's good for you. You can get in some great exercise at the club on a Saturday night, taking dance lessons with your partner, or just busting a move while you're at home by yourself. You can join some dance aerobics classes or just do it on your own. Either way, when you shake your booty, you're also toning it!


Ride Your Bike

There are lots of fun ways to lose weight that don't cause you to change your routine at all. For instance, do you love riding your bike? Do you have fun exploring new neighborhoods or just cycling along, listening to music? That's a great way to lose weight. Better still, you'll really tone your calves, thighs, and your rear end!


Get out Your Skates

Skating is another fun exercise for weight loss. If you enjoy rollerblading down the street or around the park, keep it up! Even if you have to use traditional skates, which are generally better for those of us who have troubles with balance, gravity, and things like that (ahem!), you'll still be doing your body good. You'll be having a blast in the bargain, so it won't even feel like exercise!


Go for a Walk

Walking is a great, low intensity workout that doesn't really feel like a workout at all. It's great for a cool down, and it's especially fun to do it with a buddy or with your partner. If you have dogs, I advise bringing them with you – if your dogs are like my dogs, they instantly turn a walk into a more intensive workout!


Get Intimate with Your Partner

Believe it or not, just by having some sexy time with your partner, you can burn some serious calories. Consider it a cardio workout, because goodness knows what you do beneath the sheets ought to get your heart pumping like whoa! And it goes without saying that this is definitely a fun way to lose weight, even though it doesn't feel like it!


Play a Game

What I mean is, play a video game! I know, that doesn't sound like it belongs on any list of fun ways to lose weight, but I don't mean just any game. Active games like Zumba, all those dance games, and many others actively encourage you to move, to get physical, and to workout. Because it's a game, though, it doesn't really feel like you're working out, so you can do more. If you're competitive, play with a friend, because then you'll get motivated to go even harder.


Start a Garden

Lastly, starting a garden is a fantastic fun way to get a good workout. It might not seem like it, but think about it. You're digging in the dirt, hauling heavy pots and bags of mulch and fertilizer – girl, you're definitely getting a workout! And you can keep it up regularly, since gardens require so much care.

There are lots of fun ways to lose weight, as you can see. Why should you have to view it as work? Doing so makes you look upon your exercise with dread, and that makes it easier to find excuses to quit. Rather than doing that, just start having fun! It is possible, and I promise, you'll get just as fit as you would if you did all those grueling exercises instead. What are your favorite fun exercises for weight loss?

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