10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories during the Day ...


Looking for a way to burn calories while you’re running errands, stuck in your cubicle, or sitting in traffic? You probably have a designated time to work out but any easy calories burned during the day are a bonus and a great way to make good use of downtime! You will be amazed at how easily you can integrate these calorie burning moves into your day and supplement your workouts and healthy eating!

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Suck It up

When you are stuck at a red light or in a full-blown traffic jam, suck in those abs! While you’re driving, make it a habit to suck in your abs and to hold it in for the duration of the red light or during radio commercials. You'll be amazed at how your muscles feel after something so simple.


Be a Stair Master

You’re always saying that the elevators take forever and are super packed right? Make it a habit to take the stairs when you need to get somewhere. Taking the stairs will not only burn calories but also give you some time to think and clear your head.


Take the “Crappy” Parking

Instead of looking for the closest parking space at work or stalking innocent families walking back to their car at the mall, take the first parking spot you see and hike! Walk at a brisk pace for a mini-cardio sesh and burn those calories!


Sit up Straight

Who wants to slouch and have bad posture? Not you, and sitting up straight will not only make you look taller and slimmer, you’re strengthening your ab muscles all at the same time! This is one of the easiest calorie burners on this list and I bet people will notice your great posture!


Squat It out

Make every move count! Think about all the moves you make during the day, there is probably an exercise that you can do in place of just going through the motions. The next time you’re bending down, do a squat. You don’t have to do lunges from your desk to the fax machine, but you can do small non-embarrassing moves that are sure to burn calories while you work.


Stand and Deliver

Make it a habit to stand more often at your workstation. If you need to sit to get the majority of your work done, try to walk around more often instead of sitting. If you need to talk something over with a co-worker, walk over to their desk or stand while talking to them on the phone. Who knew you could burn those pesky calories just by standing?


Get Toe up

The next time you are standing around or in your cubicle on a conference call, do standing toe lifts. Have a chair or something you can hold on to for balance and raise your heels and balance on your toes for 5 counts. Aim for 8-15 reps if possible. People might look, but they’ll get used to it and who cares, you’re busy burning cals while they sit.


Rock a Headset

If you have the option of using a headset instead of a handset, opt for the headset and move around while you talk. Talking on a headset while moving could help you if you’re in a heated conversation or you need to think. Walk, talk, and scorch calories.


Step by Step

Slap on a pedometer and make it a game with yourself to take more steps each day. It might not be the most exciting game in the world, but it’s fun to see how many extra calories you burned as a result of wearing the pedometer.


Become a Laugh Factory

Laughing burns calories and who couldn’t use a good laugh at work every now and then? Bond with your co-worker and share the embarrassing moment you had over the weekend. Laughing makes you feel good and it’s a fun way to burn calories. Walk and talk with your co-workers and yuck it up!

Bonus points: If you fidget, tap your fingers or shake your leg or foot, you can burn up to 300 calories by simply being fidgety! Next time someone gives you the hairy eyeball for fidgeting, do it quietly and revel in your calories burned! Start incorporating these easy tips to burn calories into your day and they will soon be second nature to you! You’ll be a calorie incinerating machine in no time! Do you have any of your own calorie burning moves you do at work?

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