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10 Ways to Burn Belly Fat ...

By Lyndsie

Ways to Burn Belly Fat range from eating healthy to doing the right exercises, but some methods work better than others. If you have extra pounds around your tummy, you know how stubborn they can be, so while there are many ways to burn belly fat, you have to choose the best of the best to get results. It takes a lot of determination and will power, but it can be done, and once you're determined to shed those inches, it's actually not as hard as you might think. And don't worry – I've found all the best ways to burn belly fat, so you'll be fit in no time at all!

1 Set an Attainable Goal

Set an Attainable GoalWhen you're looking for the best ways to burn belly fat, you actually have to start slow. Begin by setting a goal, but make sure you can attain it. Don't say you're going to have 6-pack abs in a month, because that's just not going to happen. If you try to do too much, too fast, then you're not going to be able to make it, and that will cause a setback.

2 Eat Fruits and Veggies

Eat Fruits and VeggiesWhen you want to lose fat around your belly, the things you eat are incredibly important. Naturally, fruits and vegetables are ideal. They're good for you, they'll help boost your metabolism, and as a result, you'll be able to burn more calories.


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3 Don't Forget the Protein

Don't Forget the ProteinProtein is extremely important. Incorporating it into your diet is one of the best ways to burn belly fat. When your body processes proteins, it burns a lot more energy. Of course, you have to eat healthy proteins, but with those, you can feel free to include them with every meal.

4 Try Whole Grains

Try Whole GrainsWhole grains are another important food. As a matter of fact, studies show that those who eat whole grains have less abdominal fat than those who don't. So, whether it's whole wheat bread, oats, whole wheat crackers, quinoa, or brown rice, enjoy it!

5 Eat More Often

Eat More OftenThis might seem counterproductive, but it's actually one of the most effective ways to burn belly fat. Rather than eating three large meals, you should eat five to six small meals and/or snacks. That way, you're constantly giving your body the energy it needs to burn fat. You have to be careful, though, and exercise rule #6, too.

6 Learn Portion Control

Learn Portion ControlPortion control! You cannot have five or six enormous meals throughout the day – that will just increase your belly fat! Learn to stop eating when you're full, don't let your eyes be bigger than your stomach. The key to losing weight from any area of your body is moderation.

7 Emphasize Weight Training

Emphasize Weight TrainingOne mistake people make when they're trying to lose belly fat is assuming that there's one set, magical exercise that will help them do it. They think, for instance, that crunches are there best bet, or that they have to focus solely on cardio (more on that in a minute). However, no exercise reduces stomach fat all by itself, so your best bet is to emphasize weight training. It gets rid of fat from all areas quite quickly, and it also boosts your metabolism, which helps you burn even more fat.

8 Focus on Interval Training

Focus on Interval TrainingInterval training is one of the best ways to burn belly fat, too. While a high intensity workout will help you lose weight around your stomach, if you're new to exercise, you can start out that high. You just can't handle it physically. Interval training, which allows you to switch between low intensity and high intensity exercises, is a great alternative. You won't wear yourself out, but you still get all the benefits of a highly intense workout.

9 Don't Overdo the Cardio

Don't Overdo the CardioCardio is hugely important, and doing cardiovascular exercise definitely is one of the best ways to burn belly fat. However, you can't make the mistake of relying solely on cardio exercises. Like say, weight training is important as well. Remember, crunches done to the extreme don't guarantee you'll lose weight around your stomach.

10 Avoid Alcohol but Drink Wine

Avoid Alcohol but Drink WineI know this seems odd, but bear with me. Alcohol is full of empty calories and it wrecks your metabolism, ultimately causing you to gain more weight around your belly. However, drinking a moderate amount of wine has been shown to reduce the size of your waist. Again, though, the key is to moderate, otherwise yes, you will just gain more belly fat.

I know how difficult it can be to lose weight around your stomach, so I looked for all the most foolproof ways to burn belly fat I could find. By using these methods, you won't have to lament about those stubborn inches or last five pounds that just won't go away. On the contrary, if you continue using these ways to burn belly fat, you'll start seeing results quickly. Do you know of any other great ways to burn belly fat?

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