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7 Easy after Pregnancy Weight Loss Tips ...

By Jennifer

Weight Loss After Pregnancy may seem impossible at worst, and difficult at best, but sweetie, it doesn't have to be that way! If you want to lose baby weight, but aren't sure you're up to the challenge, I can help. As a mommy myself, I've been there, and I can tell you, with the right inspiration and a few helpful tips, you can do it! Here are 7 easy after pregnancy weight loss tips.

1 Breast Feed

We already know that breast feeding is so much better for baby than bottle feeding, but did you know it's also better for mommy? Not only will it help you heal from your delivery faster, it will also help you lose weight, too. This is one way to lose baby weight that's good for mama and great for baby!

2 Take It Slow

You're not going to lose all of your baby weight in a week, or a month, or maybe even a year. Let's face it — your new baby is your world now, and everything else, including weight loss after pregnancy, is second to your little sweet pea. Be prepared to take it slow, and be completely realistic with your weight loss goals.


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3 Heal First

Especially if you've had a C-section delivery, you need to heal before you can diet and workout. Follow your doctor's advice, and wait the four to six weeks to recover before you begin a workout. The exception? Kegels. Start those right away. *wink

4 Make Time

The best advice I ever received when I was a new mom was to sleep when baby is sleeping. Another handy tip? Workout when baby is playing. Pop in a DVD while baby is happy in her bouncer or swing, and sneak in that workout. Make time! It's important!

5 Cook, Rather than Dining out

While it may seem a lot easier to dine out rather than cooking and cleaning up after, if you prepare and cook your own meals, you'll be more likely to lose baby weight. You'll pay closer attention to the ingredients you're using, and to portion sizes. I know it's a lot more work, especially with your new baby, but it's worth it.

6 Sleep!

You won't be able to cook or workout or really, do anything properly, if you're not sleeping. It's absolutely necessary for your good health, and for weight loss after pregnancy. Again, as I mentioned in item 4, sleep when baby sleeps. The vacuuming and dishes and even the workout can wait while you get your rest.

7 Get Support!

Enlist the aid of another new mommy, or of baby's father, while you pursue your weight loss. It's important for your family to have you fit and active and healthy, so they'll be happy to pitch in while you get in a workout, or cook a healthy meal, or scoot off to a yoga class.

Remember, your new baby needs you to be around, healthy and active and fit, so it's important for you to make weight loss after pregnancy a priority! Just be realistic, don't push yourself too hard, and get plenty of rest... and ask daddy to pitch in with cooking a meal once in a while! Which of these after-baby weight loss tips do you think is most helpful or important? Or do you have another tip for weight loss after pregnancy? Please share!

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