How to Use a Bicycle to Lose Weight ...


How to Use a Bicycle to Lose Weight ...
How to Use a Bicycle to Lose Weight ...

Thinking about incorporating a bicycle into your weight loss routine? Well, that just might be the best idea ever, as long as you know how to use a bicycle to lose weight. It sounds pretty simple and it actually is pretty simple, if you manage to find the routine that suits you best and stick to it, of course. But, here are some tips on how to start, how to make it interesting and how to use a bicycle to lose weight effectively:

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Outdoors VS. Indoors Bicycle

Both outdoor and indoor bikes have their benefits and they could certainly help you lose weight. Now, in order to maximize the weight loss, it would be best to use them both – indoor bike in times when you can’t use the regular one and vice versa. Both have their advantages and while regular bike could soon become your transportation of choice, indoor bike will always be a great replacement that will allow you to exercise even on rainy days or while watching your favorite TV show.


Start Slowly

Incorporating a bike into your weight loss routine is not as easy as it may seem and, after speaking to a lot of people about it, I’ve came to one very interesting although probably not very shocking conclusion – people generally don’t know how to use a bicycle to lose weight! Jumping on a bike and pedaling your way to oblivion is probably not the best way because you’ll find yourself so achy afterwards, you’ll probably try to avoid any future contact with the “machine from hell”. Take it slowly- start with 15 minutes, then add another five, then another ten and keep doing that until you’re able to exercise for a full hour. You’ll need a month, sometimes even a few but the trick is to do it slowly and give your body time to adapt and progress in its own pace.


Find a Routine That Suits You and Stick to It

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor bike you’ve chosen as your weight loss exercising method, you’ll need to be persistent. So find a routine that you can incorporate in your lifestyle and make sure nothing gets in the way of your plan to ride those unwanted pounds away. Three or four times a week is just perfect, as long as you make sure there are no interruptions.


Make It Fun

Now, this might not be a very creative tip on how to use a bicycle to lose weight, but it sure is an effective one, especially if exercising is not exactly your idea of a good time. So, find something you like and find stimulating and incorporate it in your cycling routine. The ones who have chosen outdoor bikes would probably enjoy music while indoor cyclists have anything from music and TV to books and magazines to choose from. These side activities will make your training bearable and even the totally non-sporty ones could find this routine almost enjoyable.


Get Creative

Once a full hour of cycling becomes a standard practice, you’re allowed to get creative in terms of techniques you’ll use to increase the intensity of your workout. Weights might be a good idea, for example, and the same goes for different tempos. If you have a stationary bike, changing the workout intensity will be pretty easy although you’re still allowed to get creative and find different ways to make your exercising harder, more interesting and, of course, more efficient.


Don’t Exercise in the Evening

Now, here’s one useful tip on how to use a bicycle to lose weight you must remember- do not exercise in the evening as you might have troubles sleeping afterwards. Exercise will increase your adrenalin levels and appetite so it’s best do to in the morning or afternoon. I, for example, never had a problem with exercising in the evening and I can even say it helped me sleep better but many people say this is a definite no-go. Exercise can make you hungry and an extra meal in the evening is definitely not a good way to lose weight.


Stay Hydrated

Now, this pretty much goes for any type of physical activity but, when you’re cycling, you really need to make sure to drink plenty of water. It’s easy to forget that, especially when you’re on a bike but as soon as you notice you’re not sweating, it’s time for a refill. Water will help flush out all those toxins and speed up your metabolism as well as your weight loss.

Can you tell me, as well as the others, some of your own tips on how to use a bicycle to lose weight? Which bicycle do you think is the best for weight loss- regular one or stationary?

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