8 Incredibly Clever Ways to Jump Start Your Metabolism ...


8 Incredibly Clever Ways to Jump Start Your Metabolism ...
8 Incredibly Clever Ways to Jump Start Your Metabolism ...

If you’re trying to lose weight, one question that might be on your mind is how to jump start your metabolism. A quick metabolism can mean the difference between struggling to lose that last ten pounds, and losing it without a second thought… but how do you kick your metabolism up a notch? How do you separate the legitimate ways to jump start your metabolism with the bad advice that’s out there? I can help. Here are 8 tried-and-true ways to jump start your metabolism…

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Eat Smaller Meals, More Often

If you eat three large meals a day, then you’ve actually trained your body’s metabolism to slow down. That’s not what we want! To help jump start our metabolism, eat four of five smaller meals a day — a light breakfast, healthful mid-morning snack, simple lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and a light dinner with a little lean protein. These smaller, more frequent meals will keep your metabolism running in high gear all day… yay!


Add Lean Protein

Did you know that your body has to work a little harder to digest proteins over carbs? It’s true… so if you want to jump start your metabolism, try adding a little lean protein to your evening meal and/or lunch. Again, this little change can really help!


Try Spicy Food

It’s been said that you’ll burn an extra few calories and kick your metabolism up a notch if you add a little spice to your meals. I’m a sissy about spicy foods, so this wouldn’t work for me… but try it!


Drinks Lots of Water (or Eat It!)… Cold!

Here’s another interesting, easy way to jump start your metabolism — drink plenty of water, and drink it cold! Your metabolism will kick into high gear if the liquids you drink are chilled… and in fact, even if the water-rich fruits and veggies you’re eating are chilled, too!


Coffee or Tea?

Don’ feel guilty about enjoying that cup of black coffee or green tea — you’re actually helping your metabolism if you indulge once in a while! Some of the chemicals in green tea and in coffee have been found to help keep your metabolism rocking… just don’t add cream or sugar, or you’ll defeat the purpose and perhaps wreck your diet.


Add Weight Training to Add Muscle

People who have lean muscle burn more calories, and have higher metabolisms, than people who don’t, even while they’re at rest. They also have better beach bodies… so what are you waiting for? Add a few days of weight training to your weekly workout and reap the benefits of a better body and a quicker metabolism, too.


Push Yourself with Aerobics

Why bother to work out if you’re not getting your heart thumping like mad? If you want to really jump start your metabolism, really push yourself (within reason, of course) during your aerobic workouts. If you do this, you’ll be burning more calories and keeping your metabolism going even when you’re not working out… cool!


Avoid the Hype

There are so many products on the market right now that promise to jump start your metabolism… but they’re a waste of your time and money because they just don’t work. Stay away from them.

Now that you know how to jump start your metabolism, and keep it kicking all day long, you ought to be able to shed those last few pounds, or get your diet off to a great start! Aside from the spicy foods, I’ve tried every one of these tips, and they really work! Which of these do you think is surprising, and which will you try first? Do tell!

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