8 Fast Ways for Men to Lose Love Handles ...


8 Fast Ways for Men to Lose Love Handles ...
8 Fast Ways for Men to Lose Love Handles ...

These** Fast Ways to Lose Love Handles for Men** is all you need to get your guy beach ready in the matter of weeks. Not sure if he needs it? Look across the couch at your guy, reach over, and give his middle a gentle pinch. Did he immediately burst into tears, push your hand away, or start doing sit-ups? Then chances are, he's feeling bad about his love handles, even if you don't really mind them. Rather than poke fun at him (or just poke his tummy), why not help him lose those love handles? Here are 8 Fast Ways for Men to Lose Love Handles. Print it, put it on the fridge, and become his biggest cheerleader!

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Help Him Get off the Couch!

The first suggestion in my list of ways for men to lose love handles would be to encourage your guy to get off the couch. Away from the TV, the computer, the XBOX, even his iPhone. Get him up and moving around.


Count the Calories

I'll bet your guys doesn't even know how many calories he's consuming or burning, and I'll bet if he did know, he'd be shocked. Help him count the calories he's eating and compare them against the calories he's burning, and gently remind him that if he's consuming more than burning, he's adding weight. Probably around his middle.


Make Him Get His Cardio to Lose Love Handles

Getting 30 minutes of heart-thumping, sweat-inducing cardio, five times a week, is another way to lose love handles. Even if your guy is a regular at the gym, if he's not getting a balanced workout, he won't lose his love handles fast.


Suggest He Gets His “bearing” Exercises Too

He also needs a combination of weight-bearing exercise (like the treadmill or elliptical) and non weight-bearing exercise (like rowing or stationary bike) to lose his love handles. Again, he ought to shoot for 30 minutes, three or four times a week.


Realize There's No Way to “target” …

Once your guy is aware of his love handles, and vows to get rid of them, he may try doing a thousand sit-ups a day. But there's no way to target just the fat around his middle, so it's going to be useless, and very discouraging for him to try it. But...


… but Try These Exercises...

But, once he starts losing the extra weight, he can add some sit-ups and crunches and twists and planks to his routine. He won't be targeting just that one area that bothers him, but rather he'll be strengthening his core, which will help in that area, of course, but in others, too. Hooray for multi-tasking!


Get the Right Fit

Once your guys starts to lose his love handles, you'll notice his pants aren't fitting quite the same, and it's time for new jeans! But make sure he's getting the right fit, too. A too-small waist size will make him look like he has love handles, even if he doesn't.


Keep Those Love Handles off!

What's the best way to get rid of love handles? Not to get them in the first place! Once those pesky love handles are gone, encourage your guy to keep fit and keep them off! What's the best way to encourage him? Sure, offering sex is always a good motivator, but even better is him seeing you also being fit.

With so many effective** fast ways for men to lose love handles**, there's no reason your poor pudgy guy needs to mourn his middle any more. Remember, the first step is to get him off the XBOX! Which of these tips on** losing love handles** do you think your guy will love? Which will he loathe? Do tell!

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