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7 Weight Loss Tips Milestones to Celebrate ...

By Jennifer

Bookstores, websites, and even infomercials are full of Weight Loss Tips, but do they work? In most cases, the answer is no. You'll spend your hard-earned money and valuable time on some new tip or trend or fad, only to have it fail. Well, no more! I'm here with all kinds of free help, loads of weight loss tips, and even a few weight loss milestones to celebrate... you'll need them soon, right? Right!

1 The Vow

The first step in any weight loss journey is a big, giant, daunting one, so once you've made the commitment to start that journey, celebrate it! Mark the occasion with a “before” photo (a flattering but honest full-body shot), an initial weigh in, and a toast (with no-cal sparkling juice, perhaps).

2 The First Weigh-in

It's been two weeks since you've started your weight loss journey, and it's time to mark this milestone, the first weigh in. Be prepared ahead of time for a realistic goal, so you're not disappointed with a low loss number. But celebrate this milestone... you're on your way!

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3 The First Ten!

That first ten pounds, whether you struggle to lose it or it melts away, is a major accomplishment. All of those weight loss tips, they work! You're living proof! It's time to celebrate by rewarding yourself with a pair of jeans that fit without a cinched belt, or a new lippy.

4 Half-way There

If your weight loss goal is 30 pounds, break out a celebration at 15 pounds, because girl, you're half-way there! This is a big, big accomplishment, something to be proud of... be sure to mark it! Maybe even take a mid-way point photo...

5 The End of the Plateau

At some point in your diet, you'll finally understand every weight loss tip you've ever read about plateaus. They're wretched. You haven't cheated on your diet or skipped a workout, but that dumb scale refuses to budge. Don't sweat it, sweetie. In a couple of weeks, if you stick to your program, that plateau will end, and you'll be back in the game. And then, my dear, it's time to celebrate the end of the plateau!

6 The Jeans!

Those skinny jeans from three years ago have been sitting in the back of your closet, at turns taunting and inspiring you. Once you can fit into them again, it's time to celebrate again. I don't care what everyone else's weight loss tips say: this is, in my opinion, perhaps even a bigger celebration occasion than reaching your actual goal.

7 The Goal Weight!

But then again, this is another cause to celebrate for sure! It might have taken you longer than you thought, and you might have made a few minor mistakes along the way, but so what? You've made it!

With so many marvelous weight loss milestones to celebrate, it's time to get going! Lace up your trainers, grab a bottle of water, and let's go! Start browsing my blog for all the weight loss tips you'll need, and don't forget to bookmark all of these milestones you'll start celebrating soon... or maybe you already have? Do tell!

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