40 Best Ways to Lose 5 Pounds ...


40 Best Ways to Lose 5 Pounds ...
40 Best Ways to Lose 5 Pounds ...

These Best Ways to Lose 5 Pounds don’t need to tax you, take up a lot of time, or turn you into a gym rat. There are tons of ways to lose 5 pounds, and you don’t have to be unhealthy about it, either. Forget crash diets, fads, fake weight loss shakes, or diet pills. If you need to shed 5 pounds, you can do so quite easily just by changing up your daily routine. It all comes down to making smart choices, eating right, and getting more active during your day to day life. I’ve compiled a list of the very best ways to lose 5 pounds and by following these tips, you’ll be able to shed those excess pounds in no time!

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Know, then Control, Your Portions

Portion control is one of the most excellent ways to lose 5 pounds, and it doesn’t really require any extra effort on your part. Many experts suggest actually weighing your food, measuring everything, et cetera, at least once a week. If you have the time and patience to do that, go for it. However, there are simpler methods to follow as well. For instance, eyeball your portions; typically, sides like starches should be about the size of your palm, meats should be fist sized, and you can generally eat as many vegetables as you like, as long as they aren’t cooked in an unhealthy manner.


Eat Smaller Meals, More Often, to Lose 5 Pounds Fast

This might seem entirely counterproductive but, again, it’s all about portion size, control, and moderation. Rather than eating three large meals a day, you can eatfive to sixsmaller ones throughout the day. This is a great way to improve your metabolism and it will keep you from feeling hungry and turning to fattening snacks.


Cut the Fat

Cutting down on the amount of fat you eat will also help you lose 5 pounds fast, but I don’t mean just avoiding fatty fast foods and the like. You can also stay away from salad dressings and instead use oil and vinegar, or use balsamic vinegar to dilute a tablespoon of your favorite dressing.


Avoid Temptation

As I mentioned, making smart choices is one of the best ways to lose 5 pounds. You need to stay away from the foods that really tempt you. If you adore Hot Pockets or frozen pizzas, it will be better to keep your distance from them. There are certain things you can simply moderate, but some foods should just be avoided altogether.


Getting More Active is the Best Way to Lose 5 Pounds

You simply can't lose weight without exercising. Shedding 5 pounds isn't a lot, but even that amount requires some activity. If you simply don't have time for the gym or regular workouts, you can still introduce more activity into your daily life. Just take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away from your destination so you have to walk, and try walking to some of your errands rather than driving.


Watch What You Drink

When looking for healthy ways to lose 5 pounds, you simply have to think about what’s going into your body. Lots of different beverages can cause weight gain, so cutting them out of your diet, or at least moderating your intake, can really help you shed those pesky pounds. Above all, drink lots of water. Avoid drinks with lots of sugar. If you have to drink soda, switch to diet. You should also seriously moderate your alcohol intake, because those are all empty calories.


Keep a Food Journal to Start Losing Weight

It’s often hard to keep an eye on what you eat while you’re doing it; you just don’t think about it. You eat on the fly, you want something fast, and the kinds of foods that lend themselves to a quick bite are often bad for you. So, keeping a food diary is one of the greatest ways to lose 5 pounds, because it holds you accountable. Once you see the kinds of things you’re eating throughout the day, it makes you more aware of what you’re putting in your body, and that can lead you to make healthier choices more naturally.


Choose Healthy Hobbies

There are lots of hobbies and activities you can do each day that will ultimately help you lose weight. You won’t be thinking about it, however, and that can make it easier. Doing housework isn’t exactly a hobby, but you burn plenty of calories just by mopping up, making dinner, or running the vacuuming. You can start a garden, which will both keep you active and provide you with healthy foods. You can even take up video games if you turn to the kinds of games that encourage full body movement.


Moderate to Shed Those 5 Pounds

As mentioned, you have to hold yourself accountable. You are responsible for what you put into your body. Don’t have two scoops of ice cream when one is enough – or go with frozen yogurt or sorbet instead. Don’t have seconds right away; give yourself about 20 minutes so your brain gets the message that you’re full. If you’re still hungry, then have a small second helping. Avoid super sizing your foods at all costs – you don’t need that much!


Remember to Eat Breakfast

I never eat breakfast; most of the people I know skip this highly important meal. Even though you’re eating, having breakfast is still one of the most fantastic, effective ways to lose 5 pounds. It keeps your metabolism going strong, it gives you the energy you need to get through the day, and it actually stops you from overeating. If you know what it’s like to skip breakfast and end up starving at lunch, you understand why.


Eat Smart in Restaurants

Most restaurants give you two or two and a half portions on one plate, tempting you to over-eat, guaranteeing you’ll never lose 5 pounds! But now that you know this, feel free to set half of your meal aside, boxing it and getting it out of the way, before you start eating… it’ll make a great lunch tomorrow!


Get on Board with Fruits and Vegetables

Did you know that we’re supposed to eat five servings of fresh fruits and veggies every day? They’re loaded with vitamins and fiber and antioxidants, and the darker the color of the fruit or veggie, the healthier it is! So eat up, feel full, snack healthy, and lose 5 pounds fast!


Use Smaller Dishes

Take a serving of meat and put it on a large plate. It looks so small! Now take that same serving, and put it on a small plate… that’s better! Using smaller plates or bowls makes your serving look more like you want it to (bigger!) but makes it less likely you’ll overeat… and more likely that you’ll lose that 5 pounds!


Fall for Fiber Rich Foods

By making even the simplest switch — bland, chemical-filled white bread for tasty, healthier whole grains bread — you’ll load up on fiber. Why is this important? Because fiber will make you feel fuller, longer… and it’s great for your digestive process!


Use an App

Still looking for ways to lose 5 pounds fast? There’s an app for that! No, really, there is. There are food journaling apps, calorie-counting apps, encouragement apps… you have a weight loss need, and there really is an app for that! In fact, we’re working on one right now… stay tuned!


Seek out Healthy Snacks

If you’re always reaching for a candy bag or bag of crisps, keep reading. Tame that sweet tooth and salt craving a healthier, more diet-friendly way by finding healthier snacks (like fruits and veggies and nuts) and keeping them with you at all times. If you don’t have the time to mess with cleaning and slicing fresh fruits, opt for the 90-calorie snack bags most snack food companies offer. The fresh fruits and veggies are still a better option, but the 90-calorie packs do offer some portion control.


Drink More Water

If you drink all of the water you should, you’ll feel refreshed, hydrated, happy, and less hungry. How much should you drink? For every 2 pounds you weight, drink one ounce of water. For example, I weigh 110 pound so I ought to drink 55 ounces of water per day, which is about 7 8-ounce cups.


Kick up the Cardio

If you already have a cardio routine you do faithfully 4 days a week, about 40 minutes each session, kick it up a notch to lose 5 pounds fast! On the elliptical, up the resistance. On the treadmill, make the incline steeper.


Add Weights

Along with adding intensity to your workout, also try adding a little weight to help you lose 5 pounds fast. Use small dumbbells or ankle weights when you’re jogging, or use them when you’re doing calisthenics.


Weight Bearing Exercises

If you’re not already doing it, make sure you’re getting 30 minutes of weight-bearing exercise 4 times a week. Feel free to combine this with your cardio, in the form of running, jogging, walking… or working on the elliptical.


Non-weight Bearing Exercises

While you’re at it, make sure you’re also getting 3 or 4 days a week, 30 minutes of non-weight bearing exercise, too! Again, you can combine this with your cardio, by swimming, rowing, or using the stationary bike.



Go old school and rock the calisthenics to lose 5 pounds fast! Grab your sweatband and fave 80’s CD and go 3 sets of 12 reps of the following: squats, lunges, sit-ups, jumping jacks, windmills, and push-ups. Feel the burn, baby! Or as Olivia Newton-John sang, let’s get physical!


Take a Class!

Most gyms and fitness centers offer a variety of healthy eating and fitness classes, from cooking to Zumba and everything in between. Get eth girls together, or go it alone — find something that interests you and take a class!


Try Pilates

Speaking of classes, one that’s sure to get your hearth thumping and calories burning is Pilates. I highly recommend it as a way to lose 5 pounds fast… and to figure out exactly how many muscles you can make sore at once.


De-Stress with Yoga

A life full of stress isn’t going to help you lose weight! So sweetie, decompress and tone your muscles at the same time with yoga. Try a DVD at home, or again, take a class at a local gym or studio.


Laugh More

Not only will laughing help burn calories (true!), it’s also marvelous at helping you de-stress… hmm… maybe you can combine the yoga AND the laughing somehow?


Step Away from the Scale

Okay, lovie. Let’s face facts. Even if you’ve lost more than 5 pounds, chances are, your scale won’t reflect it, at least not right away. Lean, toned muscle weighs more (but looks and feels way better) than squishy fat. Rather than consulting the scale, ask yourself how your clothes fit, how you look, how you feel.


Take the Stairs

Burn a few extra calories, tone your core, buns and thighs, and lose 5 pounds fast by taking the stairs, rather than the elevator or escalator. If you’ll be doing this at work for more than a few flights, consider changing into gym shoes… it’s tiring and probably unsafe to do it in stilettos!


Ban Fast Food

Most fast food is loaded with calories, most of it in the form of fat. In fact, most value meals contain all of the calories you’re supposed to consume in one whole day! Banning fast food will force you to make healthier choices, and lose 5 pounds fast… faster…. Fastest!


Park It!

Here’s yet another way to burn a few extra calories and de-stress a little at the same time. Rather than driving around the parking lot searching for a spot close to the door, park as far away as you safely can (maybe even at home!) and walk (or fast-walk) into the building.


Shop the Perimeter

All of the healthiest foods in the grocery store are located around the edges of the store, with all the junk food and fat-laden processed foods in the middle aisles. Steer your shopping cart clear of the interior aisles, and shop the perimeter… you’ll automatically make healthy food choices, since all you’ll see are fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins!


Clean out the Cupboard

If you’re shopping the perimeter of the grocery store now, perhaps in the past you haven’t. Perhaps there’s a little stash of extra-butter popcorn or double-stuff Oreo’s hiding in the back of the pantry. Cleaning out the cupboard and ridding it of your favorite guilty comfort foods will prevent temptation from sneaking up on you, and help you lose that pesky 5 pounds.


Host a Healthy Choice Pot-Luck

Recipe swaps are fun, but even more fun is hosting a healthy foods pot-luck, where you and your besties can sample them! Ask your diet-conscious friends to bring a low-cal dish to pass, swap recipes, maybe even select a favorite dish and hand out a prize… fun!


Try Bowling!

Believe it or not, 3 games of bowling burns just as many calories as walking one mile (or, one hour of bowling can burn about 250 calories). Also, a basic four-step approach uses 134 muscles… who knew your favorite Friday-night pastime could be a great way to lose 5 pounds? By the way, this does qualify as weight-bearing exercise!


Pick a Reward

I’m a goal-oriented girl, and I do love a reward for a job well done, so for me, choosing a way to reward myself ahead of time is a great motivator! If you’re like me, then feel free to choose a reward you’ll love — new jeans, a hot bikini, a new lippie — once you’ve reached your goal weight.


Host a Swap

What to do with the jeans that don’t fit right anymore, or the tops that no longer accentuate your curves? Host a clothing swap with your other dieting friends! It’s a great way to encourage each other and see, first-hand, the progress you’re all making. If you’re going from a size 8 to a 6 once you’ve lost 5 pounds, then swap your size 8s with a friend who’s just gone from a 12 to an 8! Schedule the swap a month in advance so you'll have time to lose these 5 pounds!



Your body needs rest to function properly, especially when you’re trying to lose weight. Make sure you’re getting your beauty sleep, about 7 to 10 hours a night.


Ditch the Frenemies

Keep your friends close, and your frenemies? Who needs them! You’re a girl on a mission, and the last thing you need is someone bringing you down. If you have a friend who just can’t find anything positive to say about your weight loss, ditch her. She’s just jealous, and she may well sabotage your success.


Embrace the K!

I know it sounds silly, but Kellogg’s Special K has an online plan you can customize to help you lose 5 pounds fast, too! I love it because there’s a free app I can take with me, and because some of the ideas I see are new and exciting. The plan is simple to follow, too, though it’s not good for the long term. I mean, how long can a girl live on cereal and snack bars?


Find Encouragement and Inspiration

A little while ago, one of our marvelous writers put together a list of motivational quotes that really helped me get over the hump in my weight loss journey. Find what inspires you, and think about it when you’re tempted to cheat on your diet or skip a workout.

When looking for the best ways to lose 5 pounds, you just have to remember to do it as safely as possible. Crash diets and quick fads are more than unhealthy, they can be dangerous. These healthy ways to lose 5 pounds are so much better! Also, these techniques and tips will not only help you lose weight, but will actually help you improve your health too. Remember, losing 5 pounds is a completely attainable goal, and it’s also a great place to start when you want to lose more weight. Of all these fantastic10 Best Waysto Lose 5 Pounds presented here, with which you think you could start this very moment?

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"Well I think 10 pounds is unrealistic if you want to do it in a healthy way. However 5lbs can be done. I am the same weight as you and height and know that if I lose more than 5lbs a month it could be unhealthy and I would probably have a tough time keeping it off. I have lost 5 lbs this month (give or take) and did it by eating between 1200 and 1600 calories a day. I cannot maintain 1200 at all times and actually find when I eat a bit more I lose more. Also I am keeping active and workout although not like crazy (if I did I would need to up my calories which is my goal for the next and final 5lbs). So bottom line is, use the tools here for allowance and expenditure and simply count calories (keeping the calories you do it relatively healthy and in balance)."

this is an amazing site with great information :-)

All my friends are skinny. They wear skinny jeans, tank tops, tiny shorts. I am quite fat, bigger than them so I'm gonna try these methods and see how it goes.

I agree with the comment about cutting out all soda, I cut out all soda and drank only water and propel for just a few months and not only did it become a habit to prefer water to the sugary sodas but I also lost a noticeable amount of weight. Cutting out the sodas helps you with weight loss, and you stain your teeth less by cutting out the dark liquids. Just remember stay healthy!

I am 15 years old and how can I reduce my weigh my height is 160 and my weight is 56

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