Swim Your Way to Weight Loss Success ...

When it comes to weight loss, it really is all about finding the set of things that suit you best and give you the motivation and enthusiasm to keep going. If you aren’t the kind or person who likes the idea of slaving away at the gym or going to exercise classes, then something that might appeal to you is swimming. It’s one of my favourite forms of exercise, so perhaps it might turn out to be one of yours too! Here is how to swim your way to weight loss success.

1. Diet

It is important to get your diet right when engaging in a regular swimming routine. Being in colder water for a long time and using lots of energy is a combination to make for a very hungry human being. You need to be strict with yourself about what you choose to snack on after a swim. It’s tempting to ‘reward’ yourself with a junky treat after a hard swim, but the only way to lose weight successfully is to get your laps in and then stick to healthy foods that will boost your metabolism and burn fat.