15 Ways to Kick Start Your Weight Loss Today ...


15 Ways to Kick Start Your Weight Loss Today ...
15 Ways to Kick Start Your Weight Loss Today ...

Losing weight is something that feels terrible at the time, and amazing afterward, that is just the nature of the beast! In order to drop those important pounds, you need to maintain a consistent and high-intensity regime, but sometimes that can be easier said than done when you can’t find the inspiration to get started or key to unlocking your success. Here are 15 ways to kick start your weight loss journey.

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All meals are important, but for kick-starting weight loss you should regard breakfast as the most important for now. Getting off on the right track in terms of fibre and essential nutrition will help to stop you from snacking during the day. Eggs are good for breakfast on a diet.


Whole Foods

Make sure that you start prioritising real, whole foods over packaged and processed stuff. I know it’s easier to thrown something in the microwave, but those meals have little to no nutritional value.


It’s Worth Its Salt

Keep an eye on your salt intake, you should be looking to have less than 140 mg in all and any snacks that you consume. Also, use sea salt instead of table salt when adding your own seasoning.


Cuppa Joe

Start your day with a nice fresh cup of coffee. Caffeine acts a natural diuretic as well as being a great source of antioxidants, so one cup to kick start your day can help to boost things like metabolism and digestion.


Can the Fizz

Try to eliminate sugary beverages from your diet completely. You would be astounded by how many hidden calories and additives there are in fizzy drinks; it’s not worth taking the risk.


Weigh It up

Buy yourself a set of five-pound weights so that you can start adding some gentle lifting and strength training in to the mix.


Spice It up

Add more spicy foods and meals to your weekly diet, not only does spice act as an appetite suppressant, but it can also get your metabolism running as a super high rate!


Catch Some ZZZ

Fatigue and sleep deprivation can cause fat to be stored around your middle section, so make sure to enjoy as healthy and as regular a sleeping routine as you possibly can.


Write It down

Keep a food journal. Record every single thing that you eat each day, and you can start to identify areas where you need to make changes.


One Step at a Time

Make the effort to walk more often. Whenever there is a situation where you can walk instead of driving or taking public transport, do so.


No Skipping Allowed

Resist the urges that you might have to skip a meal. It slows down your metabolism and usually just results in you binge eating at a late time.


Fresh, Juicy, and Hydrating

Work on eating many more foods that are high in water. These kinds of fruits and vegetables can fill you up with very little calorific impact.


It’s All in the K

Make sure to munch on lots of mineral-rich foods, foods like leafy green, bananas, tomatoes ... things that are high in potassium.


Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon

Do your best to ignore and resist all of the fads and trends when it comes to dieting. None of them are sustainable and you might lose five pounds and then put on ten when you crack.



Be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad week on the scales. It’s not about the failure, it’s about how you bounce back from it! And definitely have
psome rewards to treat yourself when you hit milestones.

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