How to Lose Weight in Your Sleep ...


How to Lose Weight in Your Sleep ...
How to Lose Weight in Your Sleep ...

Here’s the thing, we all know that the most effective weight loss regime is the kind of regime that involves a drastic change in diet to make things less calorific and more nutritional, combined with lots of good exercise. Nobody is debating that fact, and if they try to, they’re wrong! However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t find other ways to add to that already solid routine, right? In fact, how about doing things to help your weight loss even as you sleep!? Here is how to lose weight in your sleep!

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Pre-Bed Protein

Try to fit in some good protein before you hit the pillow. This can be done effectively in the form of a protein shake. Doing this results in you having a higher resting energy expenditure, and the protein can also aid in muscle repairing overnight for better workouts.


Total Darkness

You need to sleep in as dark an environment as possible. When you are in total darkness, your body produces more of the hormone melatonin, which can aid in the production of calorie-burning brown fat.


Low Temp

Turn down your thermostat to make things nice and cold, because cooler temperatures have been proven to help with higher levels of calorie burning through the night.


No Screens

Shut off all of your devices and electronics and commit to having no screen time before you get to bed. The blue lights emitted from things like screens can really mess with the production of melatonin, which we already know how that can help with calorie burning.


Regular Bedtime

The more routine your sleeping pattern is, the better your body responds. By going to bed at the same time every night and consistently getting seven or eight hours of shut-eye, you are setting your body up for the best chance to burn calories well during the day.


Avoid Alcohol

REM sleep is the state in which we burn most calories through the night, and if you drink too much alcohol in an evening, your body is working so hard to metabolise it that you rarely get achieve REM state.


Small Dinner

The same can be said for if you have a large dinner. Smaller plates are much better in terms of calorie intake and in terms of the digestive work that your body has to do during the night.


Don’t Work out at Night

You need to work out regularly, but try to do so in the morning or the afternoon rather than the evening. Exercise wakes your body up, so doing it too close to bedtime will lead to a restless night.


Sleep Naked

Wear only your birthday suit to bed! Sleeping nakedhas lots of different benefits, like burning calories because your body is staying nice and cool, therefore increasing the production of the good kind of fat that helps to burn energy.

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