How to Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals ...


How to Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals ...
How to Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals ...

Here’s the thing about weight loss: it can be an almost impossible thing to do if you start out on your journey with aspiration and targets that are too big to achieve. The key to actually having success with your diet and exercise regime is to set targets for yourself that are actually achievable, targets that will motivate you when you hit them, and spur you on to do even better and meet the next target in even quicker time. Here is how to set realistic weight loss goals for yourself.

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Ideal Weight

Don’t just set out with the intention to lose as much weight as possible; it is much better to set an actual target to work towards. Having a final dream weight allows you to break up your pounds per week losses into a real-time scale so that your journey doesn’t just feel like this never-ending process that is going to go on and on forever.


Understand the Process

It sounds obvious, but you really need to educate yourself on the science of weight loss in order to be able to mentally prepare yourself for it. When you are well versed in the concept of calorie deficits and how many calories equal just one pound, then your weekly goals and diet changes become much more tangible.


Small Goals

Don’t leave yourself with the one big goal to get to at the end, because it will feel like a million miles away for ages. Instead, split up your weight loss into much more manageable weekly goals of just a few pounds, and when you hit those targets you will feel a sense of achievement and will be much more motivated to keep going and going.


Realistic Timeframe

You can’t expect to lose fifty or more pounds in just a few weeks. To make your success seem more visible, break down the pounds per week and allow yourself an appropriate and sensible timeframe for hitting that target week. If it’s going to take a year, then it’s going to take a year: there is no point trying to fool yourself and there is no point trying to push your body to lose weight more quickly. Crash diets don't mean long-term weight loss.

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