Drink Hot Water for Weight Loss ...


Drink Hot Water for Weight Loss ...
Drink Hot Water for Weight Loss ...

We all know about the various benefits of drinking water regularly and making sure that we stay nice and hydrated, but about the different kinds of benefits that you can get when you heat that water up? It’s not necessarily something you might think about, but it can be really helpful for your fitness journey. Here is how to drink hot water for weight loss.

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Cleanses Digestion

Drinking hot water and allowing it to go through your system can be a really effective way of cleansing it of some of the more stubborn foods inside you that don’t want to be easily broken down. The faster foods are broken down in your stomach, the faster you are able to start burning the calories that they contain, so in this sense hot water can speed up your weight loss.



When you drink hot water, your body is forced to work harder in order to get it to a lower temperature, and as a result of this, your metabolism begins to speed up. As we all know by now, the faster your metabolism runs, the quicker you are to burn calories and burn fat.


Aids Constipation

A mug of hot water has long been known as a remedy for help to fix any problems with constipation, and when you are constipated you obviously experience a higher level of bloating and fluid retention than usual. Having the hot water sort this issue out for you can help you to get back on track with weight loss.


Pain Relief

One of the things that sucks the most about being a woman on a weight loss journey is the fact that your periods don’t care that you want to exercise every day! Hot water can be helpful on those days when your menstrual cramps are trying to prevent you from working out, because it acts as a form of pain relief thanks to its ability to soothe abdominal muscles and ease spasms.


Good Circulation

When you drink a glass of hot water, the fat deposits in your body stand a better chance of being eliminated along with accumulating deposits in your nervous system as well. This in turn helps to improve your circulation as well which puts you in much better physical shape to continue and go even harder with your weight loss ambitions.

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