5 Things Doctors Want You to Know about Weight Loss ...

Being overweight is a very worrisome issue most of us face. The annoying part of adding weight is that it has no respect for whoever you are and what time of the year it could be. We do get carried away with the free lifestyle, don’t watch our weight and eat whatever we want because we are human! Even the most disciplined individual can get carried away if he isn’t careful.

Once you have been carried away and realize you need to reduce weight, most people head to the doctor who tells you simple, precise instructions. These instructions could easily be misunderstood if you are not careful, and you would be going about losing weight the wrong way. In this article, we would be giving five instructions a doctor would give you and what the doctor means by these instructions.

1. Lose 1-2 Pounds a Week

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Actual meaning: Experts believe that losing 1-2 pounds a week is the perfect recipe for a long term weight loss management. As much as a shedding weight is significant to your health, going for a quick fix of losing weight might be dangerous and annoying for you in the long run. It is dangerous because a quick fix way of losing weight increases the chances of regaining the weight, and in some cases, some people gain more weight than they lost. This is why doctors and professional advice that you go for the long-term weight loss management instead of a quick fix weight loss regimen. That means you cut down on calories in your diet with expert supervision and burn calories through exercises.

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