Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals One Day at a Time ...


Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals One Day at a Time ...
Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals One Day at a Time ...

Over 30% of the adult population in the United States is obese. This is an alarming number of people. Obesity puts people at a greater risk of sustaining an injury, disease, or illness. Despite these facts, many people continue to live unhealthy lifestyles. Listed below are a few ways to lose weight and keep it off.

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A Change of Menu

It’s no wonder that the weight of the American population continues to climb. Restaurants and fast-food chains offer portion sizes for one that have a caloric intake designed for two. Along with hefty food portions, they also add in a super-sized beverage loaded with excessive sugar and unnecessary calories. In order to lose weight and keep it off, you need a total revamping of your portion sizes. One way to achieve this is to eat at home and fool yourself by using a smaller plate size allowing you to view a full plate of food.


The Mind Set

For some people, just using the word “diet” makes them eat even more food. Instead of making the statement that you’re going on a diet, eliminate that word and change to healthy eating habits. This way you won’t have the feeling that you have to give up eating the foods you enjoy, just eat them sparingly in smaller portions as a treat. If you are unable to make the transition alone, seek the help of a health coach. These professionals are highly qualified and can inspire you allowing you to make the changes to your diet easier.


Importance of Physical Activity

A diet can be very successful combined with an exercise regimen. Exercise will help to prevent the formation of sagging skin as you lose weight. It will also create lean muscles restoring flexibility and strength to the body. Additionally, exercising will give your body renewed energy that remains for several hours after each workout, helping to burn off more calories throughout the day. To achieve more benefits, park the car further away from store entrances and walk more often.


Filling the Void

Unfortunately, the underlying problem of many people who are overweight is that they enjoy eating. It brings them emotional satisfaction. In order to stay the course and continue to lose weight, you need to fill the void with something else. A hobby such as painting, gardening or something that requires the use of your hands will keep you busy in between meals. If you simply can’t take your mind off eating, a therapist can prove beneficial.


Setting Realistic Goals

Fasting is not a way to lose weight and keep it off. In fact, most people who use this method to lose weight end up putting the pounds back on and then some. Instead, set short achievable goals that are within reach. For example, the first months are the easiest time to lose weight especially if you are obese. During those months you set the goals higher. Once you get within your 50-pound goal, then your sites on losing 5 pounds a month.

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli

Shop in Segments

As you start to lose weight, discard your old clothing and replace it with clothing in your new size. Use this method every 3 to 6 months until everything in your wardrobe fits nicely. Keeping older, larger clothing available will make it too easy to return to your prior weight.

If you’re ready to lose weight, you can. Eating smaller portions of healthy foods and treating yourself on occasion will enable you to remain on task. Combine your new healthy eating habits with regular exercise and you’ll start to see the old you return.

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