How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight ...


How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight ...
How Drinking More Water Can Help You Lose Weight ...

Water is critical to life. Your body needs you to drink water to keep your cleansing organs, such as the kidneys, the liver and the intestines, functioning efficiently. If you're working to lose some weight, be sure to consciously add water to your daily diet as it can help you by suppressing your appetite and boosting your ability to burn calories.

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Appetite Suppression

If we only ate when we were really hungry, obesity would be a rare condition. Unfortunately, food is ever-present and we tend to eat because it's there. We also eat because we're thirsty.

By adding 16 ounces of water to your stomach 30 minutes before you eat any meal, you can reduce your hunger pangs and increase your sense of fullness. Experts recommend trying this practice for 8 weeks to gain the full benefit of proper hydration before meals.


Focus on Purity

Tap water is lacking in flavor. In addition and depending on where you live, it may not be completely healthy. A quality Berkey water filter will allow you to be absolutely certain that the water you're consuming is top quality.

As you boost the quality of your water intake, it will also be easier to make sure that you're eating great quality food that's extremely high in nutrients. It's easy and inexpensive to find calorie-dense foods in our society. Consuming food that's extremely high in nutrients takes effort and willpower.


Consistency is Key

Make sure to try to turn your water consumption habit into a daily routine, not just a weight loss trick. Keeping your body hydrated will make it more likely that you'll choose great food. Choosing great food will help you have the energy to focus on wellness, a much more comprehensive switch to healthy lifestyle considerations.

As you increase your focus on healthy choices for your eating and drinking habits, you may find that other healthy options crop up. Habit change isn't about charging up to a goal, breaking the proverbial tape and then turning around and picking up your bad habits again. Instead, habit change is about structuring your life to make it easy to walk by your goal, slow downs and smell the flowers, and set a better, healthier goal.


Timing Can Help

If drinking 16 ounces of water at one time makes you feel like you're drowning, try timing out your water consumption. Keep your Berkey loaded so the filtered water is readily available, then set a timer and drink 8 ounces every two hours.

Don't wait until you're thirsty. By the time you realize it, you may be dehydrated. By timing out your water consumption, keeping a water container close at hand and sipping regularly, you can protect your body from the dangers of dehydration.


Don't Drink with Your Meals

To get the most benefit from your water, don't try to consume a great deal at your actual mealtimes. Keep water on the table to clear your palate and to aid if you cough or choke at all. Eating your food with little water will increase your saliva production, protect your teeth after your meal and make your digestion more efficient.


What about Flavored Water?

If you're breaking a soda habit, by all means, use flavored waters. Iced teas are a great option as long as you don't add sugar. However, many iced teas contain caffeine, so avoid them after lunch.

If you already have a regular water habit and just need to bump up your intake, try to avoid flavored water. The activities you focus on are the ones that will turn into habits. For those trying to break away from energy drinks, iced tea is better. If you're currently hooked on soda, flavored water is better. If you just need to drink more filtered water, use a timer and take a water break at specific intervals.



Water will help you lose weight if you time it right and drink enough. It can also brighten your skin, aid in detoxing your body and keep you regular. By using fresh, filtered water as an appetite suppressant 30 minutes before your meal, you can lower your food intake.

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