How to Consume What You Want and Still Lose Weight


How to Consume What You Want and Still Lose Weight
How to Consume What You Want and Still Lose Weight

Do you think consuming any food you want is impossible if attempting to lose weight? Watch and listen to this YouTube video about how to consume what you want and still lose weight...

JosieLiz stresses 3 tips in this video:

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You Are the Supervisor!

She stresses that YOU are in charge. The food is not. So, BELIEVE that you are in control.



Plan your splurges. Do your phases of healthy eating during the week to have weekend splurges to look forward to. However, do not binge.


Start Small!

There is nothing major that you have to do. Choose one or two changes each week that you would like to do for your health. For example, do not drink soda, pop, cola or whatever you call your beverage. Tell yourself you are going to drink unsweetened iced tea with lemon instead.

No more feeling miserable because you are doing tons of stuff all at once. JosieLiz is very convincing.

Good luck!

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