15 Types of Diets for Weight Loss ...


15 Types of Diets for Weight Loss ...
15 Types of Diets for Weight Loss ...

What better time to start a diet than in the days after Easter Sunday when you are about as full of chocolate eggs than you can possibly be!? Think of it as a final hurrah to your days of lazy eating, and make the commitment to turn the corner and finally drop those few extra pounds that you have been carrying for a while. Here are fifteen types of diets to lose weight!

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Cabbage Soup Diet

It might not sound like the most appealing diet out there, but the cabbage soup diet really can work in a short space of time. It’s a really great one to follow if you are the sort of person who is highly motivated by sticking to a set of strict rules.


Low Carb Diet

The low carb option is a great one if you are someone who prefers protein and fibre based foods anyway. You will be able to cut out a lot of the carbs from your life without having to miss some of the things that you love the most.


Juice Fast

If you want to do something dramatic that has quick results, then a juice fast could be the thing for you. It takes commitment, but it can be really worth it!


Volumetrics Diet

This is a diet that focuses on eating a big volume of foods that are low in calories. The best example is something like watermelon, which you can eat a ton of and feel really full, without ingesting many calories at all.


Grapefruit Diet

If you love the sharp tang of grapefruit, then give this diet a try. The likes of Kylie Minogue love it and you can eliminate as many as 1000 calories per day by focusing on grapefruit juice.


South Beach Diet

This is a diet that consists of eating only one main healthy meal a day, complemented by two smaller snacking sessions either side. It’s all about reducing your food intake and therefore reducing your calorie intake.


Atkins Diet

An extreme version of the low carb diet, Atkins is something that protein lovers might want to try.


Hollywood Diet

The Hollywood Diet is essentially a trademarked type of juice diet, and in some cases, it has been cited as being able to make you lose ten pounds in as little as 48 hours!


The 3 Day Diet

This is a really calorie sensitive three day cycle diet that involves specific foods at specific times. It’s too detailed to go in to here, but you can search online for all the details.


Flat Belly Diet

This is a diet that focuses specifically on losing that stubborn fat that settles around your stomach, and it is achieved by cutting out those foods that are high in monounsaturated fatty acids.


Scarsdale Medical Diet

This is a strict diet that requires you to eat only lean protein and low carb foods like veggies, salads, fresh fruit etc.


Zone Diet

This is a diet that works focusing on three distinct food types, carbs, proteins, and fats. You limit your carb consumption to 40%, whilst the proteins and fats are kept at around 30% each with a strict daily calorie limit.


The Master Cleanse Diet

Think of this as extreme juicing. You basically work on eliminating all toxins from your body over a period of weeks whilst staying extremely hydrated.


Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

You can lose as much as 25 pounds in 25 days with this diet. It’s basically a five-day cycle repeated five times that involves extreme exercise and a healthy diet.


Clean Program

In this diet, only your lunch consists of a solid healthy meal, with liquid replacements being had for both breakfast and dinner.

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