How to Change up Your Walk to Lose Weight ...


How to Change up Your Walk to Lose Weight ...
How to Change up Your Walk to Lose Weight ...

If you are on a weight loss journey I can assume that you are doing all the right things in order to meet your targets. I’m talking, of course, about eating all of the right foods and going to the gym to do all of the right exercises, but have you ever considered that you can do something about the way you actually stroll to the gym that can make a difference? Here is how to change up your walk to lose weight.

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Your Feet

When your foot hits the floor as you walk, you should aim to use a full roll of movement from the heel, through the base of the foot, over the ball and right up through the tips of the toes. This is what is called an active foot with an open ankle, and it encourages your legs muscles to become more active and in turn, they will become more toned.


Your Hips

It’s all about achieving the hip lift, which means that your hip bone rests on your pelvis rather than slumping backwards or forwards in an unhealthy way. This lifts the hips and rib cage from the pelvis and works to elongate and engage your abdominal muscles. They will twist and tone in a much more productive way, not to mention the fact that it also tones your buttocks.


Your Head and Shoulders

Rather than being slumped forward and down, your shoulders should be back and down, and your head should be lifted up and looking forwards. The aim is to increase the distance between your ears and your shoulders so that it lengthens your spine and increases your muscle movement and toning.


Your Arms

When you have opened up your chest and put your head and shoulders back in the way that the previous points have suggested, then it should result in your arms being able to swing nice and naturally by your side. This helps to increase the natural twist in your abdominal muscles and improves the tone in that area too.

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