How to Use Cardio to Easily Burn Belly Fat ...


How to Use Cardio to Easily Burn Belly Fat ...
How to Use Cardio to Easily Burn Belly Fat ...

There is no easy way to burn belly fat without the effort. Exercise is key and the holy grail of burning belly fat is cardio. You need to do at least twenty minutes of cardio a day to lose belly fat. Of course, no amount of exercise is going to help if you are ignoring your calorie intake. Eating the right foods is paramount to losing belly fat.

The term β€œcardio” is the abbreviated word meaning Cardiovascular Exercise. Cardio exercise raises your heart rate and the objective is to keep it elevated for a period of time. Another term used is aerobic and this is the amount of oxygen intake and consumption during a fixed period.

Common cardio workouts are jogging, brisk walking, swimming, spin class or cycling. Other more gentle was to achieve a cardio workout is Yoga, certain Pilates exercises and dancing or martial arts and boxing. Anything that keeps you moving for a set period of time, elevates the heart rate will burn belly fat. Not only will you burn belly fat during cardio workouts, but you will strengthen the heart and lungs, which in turn boosts the metabolism, which burns calories and helps you lose belly fat.

Cardio and aerobic exercises burn calories and you will lose belly fat.

Through exercise you are able to reduce your stress levels and get a good nights sleep, you will be less inclined to eat more and you will see the belly fat burning off. The more energy you have the more active you become and the more belly fat you will burn. Before you begin any exercise programme, it is highly recommended that you check with your physician.

If you prefer to exercise outdoors try cross-country skiing, mountain hiking, cycling, rowing, and swimming. These days there is equipment in the gym to simulate outdoor activities - so come rain or shine, there is no excuse for not doing your recommended cardio workout to burn belly fat.

If you have a tendency towards shin splints, weak ankles or gammy knees then the elliptical trainer is ideal - you still get the cardio workout without the jarring of the treadmill and your body is able to move and work all your muscles in a natural way.

Swimming is another ideal way to burn belly fat. The body is supported, and with the resistance of the water, you are able to get a full cardio workout. Remember the more body you use, the more calories are used and the quicker you burn belly fat.

In an aerobics class, you may do a variety of exercises. It's important to mix it up a little to avoid boredom, but also to make sure that you are working every part of your body. There is no one single exercise to burn belly fat, rather it’s the combination and the cardio that kick starts the metabolism and thereby you burn belly fat.

Add to your daily routine by running up the stairs, or playing a sport like tennis, soccer, ice-hockey anything that keeps the heart rate up for an extended period.

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