Follow These 40 Weight-loss Tricks to Get Beautiful Results in a Few Weeks ...

By Vrinda

Follow These 40 Weight-loss Tricks to Get Beautiful Results in a Few Weeks ...

It's a struggle to lose weight but it is not impossible. There are many ways that can help you lose weight, and if done together and regularly, you will see results in no time! Follow these weight-loss tricks to see beautiful results.

1 Drink a Glass of Water before Meals

It fills you up and prevents over-eating.

2 Eat Slow

Take time to chew your food, it fills you up faster.

3 Eat Fruits when You Are Hungry

Eating fresh fruits is a good way to keep those calories in check.

4 Drink Herbal Tea

Herbal tea keeps you full and has so many other benefits for your body.

5 Put Some Music on and Dance

It's a good stress buster as well.

6 Spice It up

This is for someone who likes to eat spicy food. Add cayenne pepper and other chilies to your food, it increases your metabolism.

7 No More Junk

Avoid junk food, it decreases your energy level and makes you lazy!

8 Eat Fresh Foods

Eating fresh produce sold in farmer's markets are really good for your body and your skin.

9 Cut Sugary Drinks from Your Diet

Drink a glass of water or make some homemade ice tea with honey

10 Get Plenty of Sleep

11 Do Some Exercises

12 Stay Active Throughout the Day

13 Cook at Home

Cooking with fresh ingredients and less oil keeps your calorie count in check.

14 Never Buy Junk While Grocery Shopping

If you are craving junk, it's better to buy one thing at a time and not in bulk.

15 Eat before Grocery Shopping

You will shop for healthier options.

16 Don't Wear Loose Clothes

Wearing clothes that fit your shape can be a huge motivator in reducing your weight.

17 Indulge in Your Favourite Meals Only Once a Week

18 Weight Training

19 Wear Active Clothes and Shoes

Wearing cute activewear will motivate you to workout regularly.

20 Smaller Plates

It gives you the illusion of eating more.

21 Get Blue Table Mats

Staring at blue colour before eating has shown to reduce appetite

22 No White Food

Eliminate White bread and white flour from your diet.

23 Drink Fresh Smoothies/juices

It gives you glowing skin and keeps you full.

24 Take the Stairs

25 Cardio Workouts

26 Eat Only when You Are Hungry

Don't confuse boredom and thirst with hunger.

27 Swap Your Sugar with Honey

Substitute sugar for healthier alternatives like honey and agave syrup.

28 Drink Detox Water

A concoction of ginger, lemon, and mint are one of my favourites and super effective. It speeds up your metabolism and it's full of flavour.

29 Walk around with Ankle Weights

This is a good way to do some strength training without much effort.

30 Light a Vanilla Scented Candle

The smell of vanilla is known to suppress appetite.

31 Drink a Glass of Wine

32 Black Coffee with Cinnamon

Cinnamon helps to increase metabolism.

33 No Eating before You Hit the Sack

Your body needs time to digest food so don't eat anything before sleeping.

34 Watch Workout Videos on Insta for Much Needed Inspo

35 Download a Step Counter App on Your Phone

Walking 10,000 steps a day is essential.

36 Limit Alcohol Intake

37 Keep Your Goals in Mind

Keeping your goals in mind are important to maintain your weightloss efforts.

38 Go Slow and Appreciate Your Efforts

39 Motivate Yourself Regularly and Be Consistent

40 Laugh More

It's important to be consistent and make lifestyle changes rather than temporary ones. What is your favourite weight-loss trick?

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