11 Simple Tips on How to Slim down in Just 14 Days ...


11 Simple Tips on How to Slim down in Just 14 Days ...
11 Simple Tips on How to Slim down in Just 14 Days ...

If the start of a new year approaching has you looking to get in shape and maybe lose weight, then I’ve got some simple, non-drastic ways for how to slim down in 14 days. I’m don't believe in heavy dieting or dangerous ways to lose weight, nor do I believe in taking pills, which not only damage your body, but also don’t provide you with long lasting results. Two weeks is a reasonable amount of time to give yourself to drop some weight, and you can do it all safely, enjoyably and without harming your relationship with food, your body and your mind. Try these simple tips on how to slim down in 14 days and you’ll be a jean size lower in just two weeks. Just note that if you truly don’t need to lose weight, then don’t, but if when the holidays are over you’ve ate a little bit too heavily or haven’t been very active, these tips might help you out!

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Lean Protein

One of the easiest tips on how to slim down in 14 days is to be sure you eat lean protein 3-4 times per day. This might be something like egg whites or a low calorie protein powder added to a smoothie in the morning or perhaps nonfat Greek yogurt, skinless chicken breasts or turkey breast at lunch, and salmon or trout at dinner. Keeping your proteins lean and containing less fat will help your body become lean itself. Lean protein contains amino acids that require more power from your metabolism, than carbs or fats do. They also aid in muscle recovery and repair. Muscle burns fat, so feeding your muscles with lean protein is key. Lean protein also keeps your blood sugar down and helps you crave less sugar and refined starches.


Moderate Your Fat

You don’t need to cut fat from your diet completely, but you do need to moderate how much you eat. Cutting fat completely can cause your metabolism to become sluggish and it also leads to depression, constipation and dry skin, so don’t leave it out! Moderate your fats by using 1 tsp. of fats at each meal, and this is an easy way to get in 3 servings a day without going overboard. Choose healthy sources like olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, seeds or avocado. I know it sounds like very little, but it will help slim you down quicker by not eating so much of it.


Cautious with Your Carbs

You need carbs to be healthy, so don’t jump on the low-carb train if you’re looking to lose weight. Yes, carb cutting can make you lose a lot of weight, but that weight loss will stall, and eventually, it slows down your metabolism, along with your thyroid function. You’ll also only be able to go so long before you start craving carbs again too. Don’t leave them out. Your body needs them! Choose ¼ cup at each meal and make them sources like wild rice, gluten-free oats, quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes and winter squash. Also, never count vegetables as carbs, except potatoes and winter squash. Most vegetables are freebies so load up on those natural sources of low calorie carbs and moderate the starchier ones as mentioned above.


Say No to Sugar

If you want to slim down quick, you have got to say goodbye to sugar, sweetie. Sugar is by far the easiest way to gain weight, even from natural sources like honey, maple syrup, etc. You should also keep your fruit options lower sugar as well, which will help balance your insulin levels and lead to less cravings. Choose berries as your main fruit for the next two weeks, and only have them once per day.


No Fast Food

I hope you already know this, but fast food is a major no-no if you’re looking to lose weight in 14 days. That includes those yummy holiday drinks from Starbucks too! Those are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and many have whole milk or cream added. If you have to have a meal on the go, choose a plain salad with plain grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and no cheese or croutons. Opt out of the dressing and ask for salsa or mustard instead. I even ask for lemons to squeeze over my salad, add mustard, and I’ve got my own healthy mustard dressing!


Water, Water, Water

You can have other drinks besides water, but keep them water-based. That means choosing plain water, herbal tea, which is caffeine free, and sparkling water or flavored water. I love the Hint waters, which are flavored with just a hint of natural flavorings and have no salt, sugar or additives. Water flushes fat from your body and will help prevent you from eating when you’re not really hungry.


Keep Portions Small

Be sure to keep your portions relatively small. You need to get enough to eat, but don’t feel the need to fill your plate or go back for seconds. Ancient Chinese medicine practices actually say to eat what you could only fit in the palms of both your hands, which is the size of your stomach. I realize this might not be enough for some of you, and if so, that’s okay. Just be sure if you bulk up your meal that you do so with fresh veggies or leafy greens.


Exercise 1 Hour a Day

I hate to tell you, but if you want to reap the benefits of losing weight in just 14 days, you gotta work for it! Exercise one hour per day, preferably by doing 40 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength training or yoga. This will help you burn calories all day, even if you’re sitting on the couch!


Be Active during the Day

On that note of sitting on the couch, don’t do too much of it over the next 14 days. Stay as active as you can throughout the day, doing chores around your house, moving around the office, or just moving around however you can or choose to. This keeps your metabolism stoked and it helps prevent you from eating out of boredom when you’re just sitting around.


Drink Green Tea

Green tea’s benefits for weight loss are not just hype. Green tea is amazing for weight loss, and the best part is, it’s completely natural. Yes green tea does have caffeine, but even decaf can have benefits on weight loss, mainly because green tea contains special catechins that help your body burn fat just by consuming them. Plus, green tea contains a special amino acid known as L-theanine, which calms you down and literally knocks stress out with just a few sips. This helps reduce cortisol, your stress hormone that encourages the storage of excess fat. I like drinking green tea with lemon and stevia for an uplifting, calming drink that really hits the spot and quells cravings.


Cut Salt

Lastly, be sure when you cook reduce the salt you use. This helps reduce bloat and can help flush toxins out even more. Natural sodium is found in most all foods, even vegetables, and you can get plenty all through your diet. My favorite salt-free seasoning hands down is Mrs. Dash and I use it on everything! Use herbs, spices or salt-free mixes like these, and also choose lower sodium condiments like mustard instead of ketchup or soy sauce along with choosing salt-free forms of broth, and make your own dressing instead of buying store bought versions. When out to eat, always ask for your items to be cooked plain without oil, butter or added seasonings, which always have salt as well.

I promise if you follow all of these tips and only eat when you’re hungry, you will drop some weight in 14 days. Just be sure to get plenty of sleep too so your body can adjust and refresh itself. This method for eating is also a great way to eat for life, except for the occasional chocolate or frozen yogurt indulgence we all crave! After 14 days you won’t only be slimmer, but also more energetic, and you’ll feel great in your clothes! Try going by how your clothes fit instead of weighing yourself each day. This is a better way to monitor your weight for life and helps take away too much focus from the scale. If you’re looking to lose weight in 14 days, does this sound like something you could do?

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Write a comment ...Me too straight after new year.. Good luck


i really enjoyed these tips. in total going to give them a try for the two weeks we have off from school for the holidays. wish me luck

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