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Want to know the secrets from the weight loss pros that they utilize while training their celebrity clients and follow religiously in their own lives? These secrets are simple and effective ways that can transform your life by helping you to achieve your weight loss goals. And these secrets are what the trainers follow daily to help them stay on track and continue to meet their personal fitness goals. Here are the secrets from the weight loss pros.

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Start Your Day with Protein

Celebrity trainer, Harley Pasterna who trains celebrities like Halle Berry, recommends starting your day with lean protein. If you start your day with lean protein from scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs or egg whites you will boost your metabolism and start you day the right way. Studies show that people that start their day with protein are full longer and make better food choices. Starting the day with protein tops the secrets from the weight loss pros.


Add Lecithin into Your Diet

Following celebrity trainer Jackie Warner’s advice, lecithin, which is a natural fat burner, can be found in oatmeal. You can have this with your lean protein for breakfast or pour some oats in water and drink up.Many celebrity trainers include this in their clients' diets as well as their own.


Bulk up the Fiber

Celebrity trainer and trainer for The Biggest Loser contestants, Jillian Michaels recommends bulking up on fiber to aid in weight loss. By including vegetables in every meal you will get plenty of fiber, boost your immune system, and speed up your digestive track, resulting in weight loss. Celebrity trainers ensure their clients eat veggies throughout the day so they lose weight and better their health. Did you eat your veggies today?


Exercise Early

Biggest loser trainer, Bob Harper often recommends exercising early. I know it is not always easy to rise early but once you are awake, you might as well get your workout in. What better way to start the day then with a wake you up workout? Studies show that the most successful weight losers exercise in the morning. This does not mean that you will not succeed if you exercise at night; it just means the majority of the success stories are from morning exercisers. Why? There are less excuses and valid reasons to miss a workout at 5am, as compared to the evening dilemmas that can arise. Find the time that works best for you and your schedule and if you can arrange mornings, go for it!


Drink Lots of Water

Celebrity trainers recommend drinking plenty of water and there is a campaign across America supporting that H2O is the way to go! One of the simplest and most effective things you can do to aid your weight loss is drink more water. You should be drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day. The professional trainers train their clients to carry water with them throughout the day. Drink your way to better health and weight loss success!


Eliminate Caffeine

Cut out that coffee? No way, you may say, but are you aware that caffeine is a stimulant that dehydrates your muscles and can be causing bloating and headaches. Although there was a recent scandal on The Biggest Loser where trainer, Jillian Michaels gave caffeine pills to her team to help fuel them through their workout, it is not recommended. Celebrity trainer, Jackie Warner leads her clients in a natural way without toxins such as caffeine. If you are not quite ready to ditch your daily dose of coffee, try to limit or lower to every other day to begin with. After seeing the results of the pros, you will not regret your decision.


Cut out the Sugar

Celebrity trainer, Tara Zimliki, (wait that’s me!) focuses on eliminating sugar and other toxins for her clients’ optimal weight loss. Aside from increasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease and other diseases, excessive sugar contributes to weight gain so eliminate sugar from your diet and live like the pros. You will find your waist to be slimmer and you will not have the mood swings that are linked to sugar highs and lows.

I hope these secrets from the weight loss professionals will help you to reach your fitness and health goals. You only have one body so treat it right. What are your weight loss goals?

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