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As the New Year approaches rather quickly, let me share my weight loss tips for the New Year. These tips can help you head into the New Year on a positive note to guide you to get in your best shape. As a trusted trainer for over a decade, I have countless effective tips to lose weight, better your health and increase your energy. You only have one life so live it right by making your health a priority and follow these great weight loss tips for the New Year:

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Set a Goal

Without goals, where would we be? Probably without ambition and the desire to do better. Set a realistic weight loss goal that is healthy and achievable. If you are a fan of following your weight you can also set a lower body composition goal. This will help you to focus on gaining lean muscle and losing body fat. Creating a goal is one of the best weight loss tips for the New Year because it sets the standard of where you have to work to achieve.


Create a Fitness Plan

Set out a realistic fitness plan that you can follow with specific workouts scheduled. Make sure you get on the right track from the get go and stick to this plan to achieve optimal results. With hard work and dedication, you can lose weight this year and be in your very best shape!


Find the Right Nutrition Plan for You

Some people prefer to eat 4-6 mini, healthy meals throughout the day, whereas others find 3 meals are the only schedule that works in their lives. Since there is research proving that both choices work for weight loss, find the plan that works best for you. I prefer to have the mini meal plan because it makes me feel like my body is more efficient. Find what works for you by experimenting with both plans for a week. Whatever plan achieves a higher weight loss and more energy is the winner!


Share Your Goal with Friends and Family

There is nothing like having a great support network of friends and family that believe in and love you. If you share your weight loss goal with this network you will be accountable to someone other than yourself, which is always a great motivator. So share your goal and you never know, your loved ones may also be motivated and embark on a weight loss journey for themselves!


Become Active Throughout the Day

Little changes throughout the day make a big difference. So park farther away at work, start taking the stairs wherever you go, and if you can avoid public transportation and get to your destination on foot, just do it! All these little changes will add up to extra calories burned and you will be closer to achieving your goal. Just stay on track, you can do it!


Preplan Eating at a Restaurant in Advance

Part of being healthy is planning your health in advance each day. If you know you are going out to dinner, try to choose a restaurant with healthy options. Always avoid grazing on the bread basket, filling up on appetizers and gorging on desserts. If you stick with your entrée and share a dessert it will be hard to go wrong. And when in doubt in regards to portion size, you can always wrap half and bring it home for another day.


Embody a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

One of my wonderful clients, whom I have trained for years to achieve amazing results, always says, “You can’t live in both worlds.” She is focused on embodying a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of her life so she states this, confirming her dedication to bettered health. Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle rather than a phase of your life, so make healthy choices, plan active vacations and make fitness fun!

Hope you have enjoyed my fitness tips to help you to achieve your best results this year. What is your goal for the New Year? Have a happy, healthy and fitness filled New Year!

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it's all about a healthy lifestyle... great, easy to follow tips... thanks!

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