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11 Simple Ways to Make Weight Loss Less Complicated ...

By Tara

As a successful personal trainer and weight loss specialist for over a decade, I have countless ways to make weight loss less complicated. With my simple and effective weight loss tips you can achieve great results without depriving yourself. You can also add more food to your meal plan rather than cutting back - just adding the right food is essential. And by staying active throughout the day the pounds will seem to melt off. Ready to get started? Great, then here are the ways to make weight loss less complicated:

1 Eat for Health

Stop using food as your guilty pleasure and start eating for health. Research the benefits of eating certain vegetables, maybe like mushrooms and onions, and start integrating these veggies into your meals. Create fun and creative meals that are healthy and taste great.

2 Embrace an Active Life

Start basing your life around fitness by parking farther away, moving more around your home, and even planning your weekends around doing activities like hiking and road racing. If you embrace active habits you will have a changing lifestyle rather than just a phase of your life.


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3 Find Time for Fitness

Listen I totally get your ultra-busy life, but you can always find time for fitness if you set your priorities straight. Some days I exercise as early as 4am, other days as late as 11pm, but I always find time for fitness because it is important to me. So make time for your health - you are worth it! And finding time is a less complicated way to meet your weight loss goals.

4 Think outside the Box

Create new workouts to challenge yourself and decrease boredom. I love to do a Burpee countdown with jogging in place, begin at 40 burpees and countdown by 10. Yes this workout will challenge you but the results and calories expended are well worth the work. Just think outside the box and switch up your workouts so you can achieve incredible results.

5 Drink Plenty of Water

Make a goal of drinking 8-10 glasses of water to eliminate bloating, decrease your appetite and flush toxins out of your system. Drinking water is a simple and effective way to aid your weight loss goals.

6 Make Salad the Star

Yum I love salads and there are so many ways to vary up this green delight so make salad the star. I like to create new dressings, add fruit, nuts and several veggies to my salads. I always make salad the star of every meal and for this reason I tend to eat less, weigh less, have more energy and get sick less often. Did you have your salads today?

7 Get in a Positive Emotional State

You can do anything and there is nothing that can stand in your way other than yourself. Remove negative thoughts from your mind and enter into a positive state. Successful weight losers believe they can achieve and for this reason they do. And know if you have weight loss confidence you will attract positive relationships around you. Believe and you will achieve!

8 Don't Cut out Snacks

A lot of people assume that snacking is bad, but it's not! Instead of having only three large meals a day, try having three smaller meals and two snacks. This way you keep your metabolism going and prevent binge eating from being too hungry. Of course snacks doesn't mean chips, it means carrots or an apple or little things like that. Make sure you always have something in your bag too, that way you don't have to buy something and get tempted to get something unhealthy.

9 Skip the Junk Food Aisles

If you don't have junk food in your house, it's a lot easier to avoid eating it. When you go to the supermarket, skip the junk food aisles! That means no candy, no chips, nothing like that. That way when you're bored and home and need something to munch on, you won't even have the option of eating that container of Oreos because they won't even be in your house.

10 Don't Deny the Cravings

We all get cravings and when you're trying to lose weight, they seem to be even stronger. Don't completely deny them, don't indulge either though! Craving chocolate? Have a small square of dark chocolate and that's it. You can even try swapping a craving. If you want chips, maybe you just want something salty so try a whole wheat cracker. If you want candy, maybe you want something sweet so have grapes or strawberries.

11 Stop Late Night Eating

Who doesn't get hungry and want to eat when you're watching TV at 9PM? It's completely normal, but you can train yourself out of that behavior. Stop eating at 7PM. This way you've had all of your meals and snacks and your metabolism can get to work on what you've already eaten. When you sleep, your metabolism slows down and so you store up what you eat before bed. After a while, this will be normal behavior and you won't even realize you're doing it.

Hope my simple ways to make weight loss less complicated help you to get in the zone to achieve your goals. What are your weight loss goals?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia

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