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Want to lose weight faster and learn the secrets of fit people? Simple and easy tips can help you to expedite your weight loss and feel great. Are you tired of struggling and ready to get into action to achieve major weight loss results? Then read my tips to lose weight faster:-

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Eat Healthy

Exercise alone will not expedite your weight loss. It must be paired with a healthy diet. Make sure to eat plenty of vegetables and when in doubt of eating any food, pass on it. If you are uncertain whether something you are about to eat is healthy, do not eat it and choose the veggies and lean protein. This tip is a great way to lose weight faster and feel great!


Stress Less, Laugh More

Did you know when you stress your body secretes the hormone cortisol which is a weight gaining hormone? So stop stress and laugh a little. Laughing burns calories, elevates your mood and people want to surround themselves with people that are happy and laugh longer. So laugh and love life a little bit more!


Get Plenty of Sleep

Studies show that people that sleep 8 hours a night or more lose 50% more! That is plenty of reason to get to bed sleepy head. And to get solid sleep, avoid watching television 30 minutes before bed.


Add Intervals

To lose weight, strengthen, tone and see incredible results, you need to add in interval training. Add short sprints into your runs, quicken your pace when walking or in any sport, simply add a short spurt of 30 seconds elevating your heart rate. This will produce amazing results and be well worth the sweat!


Stop Banking Your Calories

One of the worst things people do is starve themselves all day to bank calories for an evening out dining. Stop starving yourself and eat mini healthy meals, get your workout in and enjoy your night dining out with simple portion control. You can do little things like limiting or eliminating bread and skipping dessert to save some calories and not sabotage your diet. If you are dying for dessert, use portion control and share with your dining guest.


Track and Be Honest

As a personal trainer I love to have my clients track their food for one week so I can analyze if their nutritional needs are being met, monitor their calories and also see what temptations they may have. Write down or track your food intake online at myfitnesspal.com to see your weight loss results. Monitoring makes a major difference!


Add Activity Throughout the Day

There is one major secret of many thin people and that is constant activity: cooking, cleaning, and running here, there and everywhere. I totally get it because as a mom of 3, I am now the leanest I have ever been. I am constantly on the move. So try squatting while you brush your teeth, add house cleaning activity into your daily routine and dance while you are cooking. Remember every little bit of activity can add up to be a lot which equals weight loss.

I hope my weight loss secrets will help you with more knowledge on the way you can achieve your weight loss goals and have fun while doing it. What are your weight loss goals? Good luck and here’s to a happy and healthy year!

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Your totally right I walk for a minute then jog for a minute and I do this over 20 mins I've lost 7 lb already I'm fairly fit anyway but elevating yr heart rate helps so much for a short burst! It gets everything moving! X

Thanks for the tips!

None of this is really at all revolutionary. When you say they are "secrets", maybe you should put things people really havent heard before.

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