7 Kitchen Weight Loss Tips That Can Transform Your Life ...


The kitchen is the warm and inviting place where you, your family and guests unite so you may want some kitchen weight loss tips. It is the forefront of your home where good things all come together. But the kitchen can also make or break your healthy eating plan. If your kitchen is stocked with unhealthy food choices, your kitchen could sabotage your waistline. If you have a goal to lose weight read my kitchen weight loss tips that can transform your life:

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Create Healthy Grab and Go Snacks

One of the major reasons people make unhealthy choices is out of pure convenience. It is much easier to grab a bag of pretzels on the go than cut up veggies to make a snack pack. If you cut up fresh fruit and veggies and have this in baggies in your refrigerator, it will make healthy eating easy. Creating healthy grab and go snacks is one of the best kitchen weight loss tips because it make healthy choices easy to make!


Revamp Your Food Pantry

Remove all temptation from your life by simply revamping your food pantry. Do not make the mistake of emptying your cupboards because then you will feel deprived. Stock the bulk of your snacks in the refrigerator (fruits and veggie slices). And stock the pantry with quinoa bites, whole grain crackers and any other healthy snack you enjoy. If you have a healthier kitchen you will be leaner, healthier and happier.


Preplan Your Meals for the Week

Set out the schedule of your weekly eating in advance so you have all the ingredients on hand and will skip the take out and cook up your own healthy dishes. Eating out generally means meals higher in fat and calories and you cannot control what is put into a dish unless you are the one cooking it. Set out a healthy plan for the week so that you can stay on target to your weight loss goals and better health!


Put Away Remaining Food Immediately

After you serve dinner to everyone, put away the remaining food in a tupperware immediately. This will eliminate the possibility of you or your family going back for seconds and will help you stay on track with eating in portion control. Often we go back for seconds out of pure boredom rather than true hunger.


Eat on Smaller Plates

Put away the large dinner plates and eat on the salad plates. An appropriate portion should be eaten on salad plates. This will help take out the guesswork and keep you on track to a leaner and healthier life!

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Make Salad the Main Meal

One of the best choices you can make is making the salad the main meal. This will help you meet your nutritional needs as well as satisfy your hunger. When you finish your meal if you want seconds you can go for it, if you make salad your choice.


Make the Bulk of Your Refrigerator Green

If you fill your refrigerator with spinach, Swiss chard broccoli and other leafy greens you will be ready to go, when making a green shake. You will also boost your immune system and aid your digestive tract due to the ample fiber.

Hope you have enjoyed my kitchen weight loss tips to help transform your life. Are you ready to transform your kitchen and your life?

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Great suggestions all, Tara ! Amazingly, I have already implemented #'s 2,4-7...for me, 1 and 3 remain the most challenging as they require the most time and effort...I can honestly say, ladies, that these suggestions work

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