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To lose weight and stay healthy, carbs are vital, so what are the carbs for weight loss? There is so much misinformation about having to eliminate carbohydrates for weight loss. But to fuel your workouts and your day, carbohydrates are essential. And aside from providing energy, did you know carbohydrates are vital for proper brain functioning? But you have to choose health carbs for weight loss, so read the best choices:

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Fruits One of the best carbohydrates for weight loss is fruit, especially fruit like pears and apples since they are low glycemic. And pears and apples have metabolic boosting pectin in them. Fruits combine vitamins and minerals and essential carbs for weight loss.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes Sweet Potatoes are a great way to provide your body with plenty of fiber and cancer fighting antioxidants. They also pack beta carotene along with many other vitamins. This will help keep you full longer and give the extra power needed to fuel your workouts. When was the last time you ate a sweet potato?



Oats Oats are healthy carbohydrates that lower your cholesterol and help you have a healthier heart. These healthy carbs will also energize you for a power packed day along with aiding your weight loss goals. Due to the high carb content it is important to eat this for breakfast so your body has plenty of time to burn it off.



Quinoa Quinoa is an amazing grain rich in fiber, protein and healthy carbohydrates. This has been a hidden health secret for many years and now it is present in nearly every grocer and for good reason. It tastes great and is packed with health benefits. The nutty flavor of this grain adds to your delectable lunch or dinner and you can even try this in a salad. Hope you enjoy this great weight loss carb!


Wild Rice

Wild Rice To provide your body plenty of protein, fiber and healthy energizing carbohydrates; wild rice is a great choice. Wild rice tastes great with its nutty and wholesome flavor. And it will provide you plenty of energy to have a great workout. Again, it is important to have this carb earlier in the day before six at night, (around dinner time) so your body has ample time to work these carbs off.


Whole Wheat Flour

Whole Wheat Flour Whole wheat flour will provide your body with plenty of fiber and nutrients. Your whole grain bread should be made with whole wheat flour. The best thing you can do is make food yourself with whole wheat flour as opposed to bleached white flour. This will aid in your weight loss and health goals!



Almonds Studies have shown that almonds raise levels of hormones in your body that keep you full for longer, which can contribute to weight loss. Aside from aiding weight loss and providing protein to the body, almonds have other benefits. Almonds also lower your risk of cancer, lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease as well as lower your LDL cholesterol. Just have a handful a day because there is a significant amount of calories in almonds and other nuts.

Hope you have enjoyed my list of healthy carbs to help you lose weight, stay healthy and never feel deprived. What is your favorite healthy carbohydrates and how do you prepare this?

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Good post. V informative. I'm a carb fan.


Quinoa is actually seed,not grain,i think

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