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Want some amazing weight loss tips from a personal trainer? Being in the fitness industry for over a decade as a certified trainer, weight loss specialist and running coach, I have picked up quite a bit of knowledge. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to train thousands of people to lose weight, better their health and feel great. And through this process, I am thankful to have learned so much in what works and what does not. So please read this with a desire to learn and take it all in, because I want you to succeed and achieve your goals. I may not know you but if you are reading this, you are with the mind that you want to better yourself and your health. So here are weight loss tips from a personal trainer that cares:

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Stop Stalling

I can’t tell you how many times I have overheard people talking about starting a fitness or food plan the next week. And when the next week comes around, there is an obstacle that keeps them from starting. Most of this is created by our own self sabotage. So stop stalling and get to it. If we all put off things to tomorrow we would never get anything done. Getting started now tops the weight loss tips from a personal trainer that has seen and heard it all.


Don’t Beat Yourself up

So you had a candy bar after work today. Okay, not exactly the best choice for a snack, but stop beating yourself up. People often feel so depressed when they make a poor food choice that they punish themselves by eating something else bad and this snowballs. Get back on track in eating healthy and don’t sweat it.


Don’t Be so Extreme

Really, you want to live on shakes for the next two months so you can fit in your formal dress? Please do not do this. As your trainer I must advise you to eat regular meals with balanced nutrition and stop sipping life through a straw. If you live on shakes for two months, lose a ton of weight and then get back to your old habits, you will regain the weight loss (and often more). Find a balanced food plan you can stick to for life, rather than just two months.


Push Yourself

Stop doing your workouts halfway and chatting through each exercise. Please focus, because you will achieve more this way. I often run alone because I work best this way and can push myself. So start pushing so you finish your workouts covered in sweat and feel the burn.


Don’t Hide at the Grocery Store

If you are at the register rushing to get your food in a bag and praying you will not run into your trainer, you are probably not making the right food choices. Make sure your grocery cart is filled mainly with vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and the occasional snack will not break you. You should feel proud while in line, rather than embarrassed.


Stop Making Excuses

I can list at least twenty reasons each day why I did not have time to exercise but, rather than making these excuses, I find time. I get up early, work out on lunch break or the wee late hours of the day. And if I can find time, so can you. Life is all about making time for what we prioritize. So do you make time for your health and fitness? If not, then why not? Maybe you should look for a trainer to help hold you accountable and at least help you get on the right path.


Be Positive

Instead of focusing on where you want to be or where you once were, focus on how far you have come. With a positive attitude you will achieve more in health, fitness and life. So turn that frown upside down and start making the most with what you do have, not what you wish you had. With this approach you will stop chasing your dreams and finally achieve them.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed my trainer tips and they help you to achieve better health, more energy and a longer life! What are your fitness and health goals?

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My biggest thing is "attitude". I am thin but after having two kids my tummy is like a bowl of jello and I have exercised and exercised and see no results so here I am......have not ran or done any other type of exercise in weeks because u feel it pointless.

That was a great motivation..thanx

Thanks for the tips I want too lose 10lbs and keep it off

Be Positive really hit home. I am guilty of focusing only on my goal - the end result, and not patting myself on the back for how far I've come, for my achievements to date. I need to recognize my accomplishments and use them as a catalyst to continue the journey,

Could you recommend some weight loss exercises as well please?

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