7 Weight Loss Trends That Are Not Working and the Real Way You Can Lose ...


Every day you see new weight loss trends that people are trying. Some work and some do not, but for the most part it all comes down to living your life in moderation. Find out what works and how you can really lose by making sure you find balance in eating and finding time for fitness. This is the key to lifelong success. Here are the weight loss trends that are not working and the real way you can lose:

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Cutting out Carbs

Cutting carbs out is unhealthy because for many people it can shock your system and can cause a decrease in energy production and brain functionality. However, you can lose weight by cutting out carbs in the evening and reducing your carb intake at meals. This is one of the weight loss trends you can make work by altering it a tad.


Green Shakes

Green shakes made with kale, spinach, fruit and chia seed are a great source of fiber, phytonutrients and vitamins. But you cannot just live on shakes. To keep your metabolism strong, your body needs to break down the food you are eating. You also may find yourself feeling deprived if you live life through a straw.


Plant Based Diets

Living life on salads and fruits alone will leave you feeling sad. It is great to eat plenty of greens for fiber and phytonutrients, but you may be craving balance. Try adding quinoa for some protein or brown rice as your healthy whole grain. You will still lose weight and feel great without finding yourself still hungry.


Food Delivery Programs

We have all heard of all the weight loss food services that are delivered right to your door, but are they fresh and low sodium? Most of the food is processed and very high in sodium. However, there are small companies now selling fresh detoxifying shakes and this is great for just a few days to cleanse your body.


Celebrity Approved Diets

So you see the celebrity on the television endorsing the newest weight loss product and you are now contemplating giving it a whirl? Before you start ordering this product, know that celebrities are paid high dollar to support these products and most of the time they have never even tried these products. Use your own intelligence to decide what is healthy and what is not, then make your decision!


Kid Diets

There are new diets being pitched towards children and some parents are actually putting their children on them - even as young as at the age of seven. As a personal trainer and mother, I feel it is best to stay away from this and just get your children more involved in activities and steer them towards fruits and veggies.


Skinny Fiber

A new diet trend, where a pill that is supposed to expand your stomach up to 50 times and fill it with fiber is all up in the air. There is not enough research to back this up. However, you can get this same healthy fiber to fill you and aid in your digestion from simple fruit and veggies. So make sure you choose a natural source for your body.

Hope you learn to live your life in balance, make healthy choices and live your life the right way. Do you believe in diet trends and if so what diet do you follow?

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I think Weight Watchers is the best diet plan for loosing weight, because It teaches one to make better food choices and eating habits.

Meme, I'd be careful with the juices they more than likely have a ton of sugar in them! It's great to snack between meals it keeps your metabolism roaring, but as long as they're only small, but satisfying snacks like a piece of fruit and some nuts for protein! And Amanda that's great that you feel more educated and in control about what foods you chose to eat. Personally I disagree with weight watchers and those similar, I see it as a way to just make profit as thy encourage you to buy their branded foods, when in fact the foods they provide are for from healthy, stashes with a ton of sodium sugar and saturated and trans fats! Whole foods, lots of water, regular movement is what our bodies thrive on best! X

This looks very helpful and I hope to use this in the future

Amanda I have an aunt who is doing excellent with weight-watchers...something about no more point counting. I think education on nutrition and what works for you and exercise along with portion control is the best life style change.

nr. 2 isn't true, i lost 5 kg within 5 days just living on green smoothies and soups and really looked A LOT thinner & felt better

How about the liquid diet? Where you mostly drink liquids such as cranberry juice instead of eating between breakfast and lunch

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