7 Weight Loss Myths You Should Know about to Stop Doubting and Start Losing That Weight ...


7 Weight Loss Myths You Should Know about to Stop Doubting and Start Losing That Weight ...
7 Weight Loss Myths You Should Know about to Stop Doubting and Start Losing That Weight ...

Anyone who's ever dieted can tell you at least one story of a myth they believed, and then later discovered was false. Myths can cost you valuable time and money, and also motivation! But it's hard to know what's true and what's myth... but I can help! Here are 7 weight loss myths you should know about to stop doubting and start losing weight.

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It Has Nothing to do with Math

False! Losing weight has everything to do with simple math. If you consume more calories than you burn, you'll gain weight. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, you'll lose weight. Get it? Simple math!


No Snacking!

False! Dieting doesn't mean you can't snack. It means, again, that you simply have to make sure you daily calorie intake is less than what you burn. Snack away, just make sure to count those calories too!


You Have to Cut out Carbs

Again, false! You absolutely have to eat carbs, no matter what fad diet plans tell you. Every natural bodily function you can think of requires them, so absolutely DO NOT cut them out!


You Have to Starve Yourself

False! Starving yourself is dangerous, and won't help you lose weight. Eat a balanced, carefully planned diet, and don't risk the possible life-threatening side effects of starving yourself.


You Have to Deprive Yourself

False! Dieting is all about moderation, which means you can have the things you crave, like cheesecake and chocolate. Again, moderation is key. You can't have these things all the time, but you can have them, in small, sensible quantities, as you diet.


Celery and Grapefruit Can Burn Fat

There is no food known to man that burns fat, no matter what those cheesy banner ads on the internet say. There are low-calorie foods, of course, but none that actually burn fat. If only!


You Don't Need to Exercise

Oh yes you do! You need to exercise to stay fit and to have a healthy heart. Don't give this myth one iota of credence. To lose weight, and to be healthy, you need to exercise and diet together.

Now that you've read this list of weight loss myths, you can diet and lose weight much more safely! I know I've seen some of these myths around for quite a while, but don't fall for them! They're all patently false. Which of these myths shocked you? Or is there another weight loss myth you'd like to set straight? Please share!

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You have to starve yourself ! it's the worst myth and shocked one

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