10 Best Weight Loss Exercises for Women ...

By Jennifer

10 Best Weight Loss Exercises for Women ...

Weight loss exercises can be the difference to meeting your goal weight or just falling short. Why? Because exercise is vital to a healthy lifestyle, one that encourages weight loss, and keeps those pounds and inches OFF! But which weight loss exercises should you add to your routine, and why? Keep reading! Keep reading! These are 10 exercises that will help you lose weight, and be fitter in general, for sure!

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1 Cardio

This is, in my experience, the very best weight loss exercise, period. If you get your heart thumping, hard, for 30 minutes a day, you’ll lose weight, and improve (drastically) your heart health. It doesn’t even matter HOW you get your heart going! Run. Jump. Dance. Zumba! Just get up and go! Sweat!

2 Weight-bearing

We women need to be vigilant about building and keeping bone strength, and as luck would have it, one of the best weight loss exercises is also good for our bones! Weight-bearing exercise, like running, jogging, skating and walking, encourage bone regeneration and growth, and can also, of course, help us be more fit!

3 Non Weight-bearing

The flip side of the “weight bearing” coin are non weight-bearing exercises, like swimming, biking, and such. Swimming in particular is very good for older adults, or people who are very overweight, or people who have joint pain.

4 Weight Training

No, I’m not suggesting you lift weights every day and get big, bulky, manly muscles. But, if you’re serious about fitness, and losing weight, then you’ll definitely want to add one or two weight training sessions per week to your workout.

5 Yoga

A key weight loss exercise is also yoga, or any other stretching and balance exercise, for that matter. Flexibility decreases as we age, and also as we gain weight, so get back into shape with this stress-reducing, fat-busting, good-bootie-getting exercise.

6 Team Sports

There’s a reason we look to our pro athletes when we think about fitness role models. Many of our most popular pro athletes play team sports… so why not give it a go yourself? Running on a soccer field, killing the competition in roller derby, flag football… these are all great ways to get exercise, and lose weight!

7 At-home Cals

Can’t make it to the gym? No worries. Lace up your shoes, turn up the volume on your favorite workout playlist, and exercise at home! Lunges, squats, crunches, push-ups, planks, scissor kicks, and more — these are all marvelous weight loss exercises you can do at home, in a hotel, anywhere!

8 Playing with the Kids

Studies have shown that women who have children are a lot less likely to get regular exercise. I say boo to that! Take the kids to the back yard or park and chase them… or let them chase you! Or bounce on the trampoline… or ride bikes or skate together… any of these, for 20 minutes or more at a time, is an excellent way to get weight loss exercise, get closer to your kids, bust that “chunky mom” myth, and have fun!

9 Housekeeping

Another way you can exercise is a multi-tasking way. Grab the cleaning supplies, pull out the vacuum, and clean your way to a littler you! Can you think of a more effective, time-saving weight-loss exercise? Have you SEEN my house?

10 Anything else Your Trainer Suggests!

Hey, if a pro suggests it, why not at least give it a go? That’s why you hired your awesome, butt-kicking personal trainer, right?

With so many effective weight loss exercises to try, and add to your routine, you’ll be burning calories and losing pounds and inches in no time! Which of these weight loss exercises is your favorite, and why? Do tell!

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