7 Ways to Lose Weight with Step Aerobics ...


7 Ways to Lose Weight with Step Aerobics ...
7 Ways to Lose Weight with Step Aerobics ...

If you are looking for a new exercise program that will burn more calories and blast your belly fat, step aerobics is the perfect choice! The simple exercises of step aerobics combine cardio with strength, endurance, and nearly any other type of workout, depending on what your goal is. This is a great starter for the inexperienced, yet it can challenge the most fit with new variations. Here are 7 ways to lose weight with step aerobics.

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Start with the Basic Step

Place one foot up on the platform, followed by the other. Step down one at a time. This can be done at any speed and combined with arm movements. Try stepping up on one side and down on the other, or stepping up from the back, down to the front, and then reversing. Add a turn for a little challenge. Make sure you are playing some good music to get your rhythm moving!


Do the V-Step

This is the basic step done with the feet landing far apart on the platform. Step up with the right foot, placing it on the far right side of the platform, then bring up the left and place it on the other side of the step. Step down with the feet together. For a variation, add a toe tap or two and then reverse the order of your steps. This works different muscle groups in your legs and hips than your basic step.


Add Some Knee Lifts

This step can be easily customized to the individual's experience level. To try it, simply lift the opposite knee as you take a step. For example, step with the left foot and lift the right knee. The higher the lift, the greater the challenge. These can be done one at a time or in alternating sets. These are great for your abs and strengthening your core.


Throw a Few Kicks

Like the knee lift, this is two-legged movement. Take a step and then kick out the opposite leg. Again, the height of the kick will depend on your experience level and can be used to make your workout more challenging. Try using ankle weights to increase resistance and alternate legs as you kick. These are great for your thighs and butt!


Try Side Lifts

After taking a step, lift the opposite leg to the side, squeezing the oblique muscles. As you gain experience and feel more comfortable, try lifting each leg a little higher. To work the hips, bend the knee with the foot pointing to the floor as you lift outwards. Lift the leg backwards to work the glutes, making certain to squeeze the muscles gently. You will feel this one in the morning!


Go for a Lunge

Starting on the platform, step backwards and touch the floor behind. Do not flatten your heel or place your weight on this hind foot. As you alternate, try holding the pose for a few seconds to deepen the stretch. Consider adding arm extensions and moving slowly for a challenge. These will shape your backside and trip your hips.


Add the Straddle down

With both feet on the platform step down with one leg on either side so that you straddle the platform. Step back up and repeat. You can add any number of arm movements or perhaps a squat to spice up this move and make it more difficult.

These steps are just 7 ways to lose weight with step aerobics. You can mix and match steps and arm movements, going at any pace you feel comfortable with. Choose your music, choose your routine, and prepare for a fun weight loss challenge! What is your favorite step aerobic routine?

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