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What are the healthy ways to lose weight while at work? Work, a place you spend 8-10 hours a day, focusing on completing tasks that form your career, can be the place that either makes or breaks your diet. When you are at work focusing on your assignments, it is common to get stressed and when the staff calls to order out for lunch, that's when it is often easy to follow your cravings, rather than stick to eating healthy. So what are the ways to get on track so that you do not fall off your healthy lifestyle while at work? As a certified trainer and weight loss specialist for over a decade, I have several healthy ways to lose weight while at work:

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Pack Your Own Lunch

No matter how healthy you try to be, let’s face it - when you order out, you are limited in your healthy options. If you pack your own lunch you can control the ingredients, calories, fat grams and portion size. So stick to the safe and healthy choice and bring your own lunch. This is one of the best ways to lose weight while at work.


Stop Eating at Every Celebration

Oh my goodness, what if it's my good friend Dorothy’s 20th anniversary working with this company? Or what if it's the vice president’s birthday? It seems that every day we are celebrating something new at corporate America. And with this celebration comes a cake, pantries and juice. This is nothing but sabotage for your diet, so why not stick to coming with a card and skipping the sweets? This will help you to avoid gaining weight while at work!


Order a Fruit Bowl for the Next Party

Next time you get wind of an upcoming celebration, offer the suggestion of having a fruit bowl. You will not only help your waistline but also stick to the corporation's goal of having their employees healthy so they work harder and miss work less due to sickness.


Visit the Gym at Lunch Break

Do you really need an hour to eat your lunch? Absolutely not! Head down to the gym at lunch and exercise for 30 minutes, take a 10 minute shower and enjoy your salad in 20 minutes. This will be the best use of your hour lunch break and you will find yourself more productive at work.


Take the Stairs

Do you find yourself taking the elevator with your coworkers every day while you are aware the staircase is a stone’s throw away? Whether you are on the 2nd or 12th floor, you should be taking the stairs. This will help you to keep your body active, stay alert and lose weight while at work. So start climbing those stairs and enjoy the burn!

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Join the Fitness Challenge at Work or Start One

So many corporations are now starting their very own Biggest Loser challenges and you should enroll too! It's so much fun to get healthy with a fun competition at work. And the bonus is you sometimes may even get a prize at the end. But remember, the best prize you can win is better health! Good health is priceless.


Share Your Goals with Your Coworkers

Do you have a goal to lose 40 pounds in 7 months? Share this goal with your coworkers and you can motivate them! This will also help hold you accountable to stay on track. Studies show that people that vocalize their goals are more likely to stay focused. Do you share your goals with anyone?

Now that you have ways to stay motivated so that you can lose weight at work, which will you try first? Here’s to a great future staying motivated at work and at home so you can have a happy and healthy life!

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Sounds awful and I'm not saying starvation is the way forward but I worked out on average how many calories I burnt a day from my daily routine and ate just below what I burnt off and lost 1stone within 2 months!

But I work a bakery but some of these did help!

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