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You may be wondering about the ways to break down your barriers to lose weight. As you work hard to lose weight you may find constant barriers or road blocks that seem to get in your way. Maybe you are invited to many celebrations with limited healthy food choices or your friends keep having junk food at every party. But where there is a will, there is a way. Let me show you the ways to break down your barriers and lose weight.

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Invited to a Party

What are the ways to break down your barriers? So you are invited to a party and already you are thinking of all the high calorie food. What is a girl to do? Do not feel like you are doomed. Head to the salad line and choose dark greens and then pick plenty of veggies so you can stay lean. Or if you know the party host well, offer to bring a dish (they do not have to know it is a healthy one). Pre-planning your food is one of the best ways to break down your barriers and lose weight.


Late Night Cravings

Craving chips and chocolate late at night? Well first off, make sure you do not have these high calorie indulgences in your home because then you have won half the battle. The other half of the battle is fulfilling your craving with a healthier substitute. So why not have a fruit salad, veggies or a small bowl of pretzels? If you are prepared you will find it much easier to make the healthier choice.


Everyone’s Birthday

I went through a series of birthdays for my youngest daughter, my son, my birthday and then my daughter’s. And with each birthday there was some sort of celebration with lots of food. Even though I wanted to scream because there were so many barriers in my way, I took a deep breath, had a small piece of cake and made sure to find time for fitness. So for everyone’s birthday celebrations, do not stress but make the best choices and use the rule of moderation.


Going on Vacation

Vacation can be one of the toughest places to be on a diet because you are constantly eating out, you are usually unable to cook (unless you stay in a home), and you are not exercising as much, if at all. Do not stress, make sure you eat fruit for breakfast, have peanut butter and jelly or another easy option for lunch and then you will only have one meal to eat out in a restaurant. This is a great way to combat barriers and still lose weight.


Scale Won’t Budge

You are doing everything you can to lose weight but for some reason that darn scale just will not budge! Relax, because if you stress your body will secrete the hormone, cortisol, which is a weight gainer. Add a small fitness session of 20 minutes 5 days a week and drink more water. These two simple changes can help you break your plateau and overcome this barrier.


Not Liking Any Traditional Exercise

I am someone that just happens to love traditional exercise but I understand that not everyone feels this way. If you cannot see yourself running or biking, why not take up the game of tennis, basketball or even volleyball for a great workout?! This is a great way to overcome your barriers and still lose weight.


Not into the Gym

I completely understand if you are not into the gym. I have not been in a gym in almost a decade and I do not miss it. Gyms are not for everyone, but you can always seek out a small studio or a personal trainer for customized and individualized attention. And if you love the gym, vary your workouts so you can make the most out of your membership.

Hope I have helped you to overcome your barriers so that you can lose weight. We all have obstacles or road blocks that can get in our way, but the main thing you have to do is overcome these so that you can achieve amazing results. What are your barriers?

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