7 Weight Loss Challenges and How to Overcome Them ...


7 Weight Loss Challenges and How to Overcome Them ...
7 Weight Loss Challenges and How to Overcome Them ...

Losing weight can be quite a challenge for most of us. Thankfully, tips like these can really help make it a tad easier. Thank you Mai Der Chang for this informative, wonderful post!

For those who find losing weight difficult and challenging, you are not alone. Losing weight is supposed to be challenging, if not, how are you supposed to get in shape? Already reached your weight loss goals, but now struggling to maintain the weight or routine? Well, here are seven weight loss challenges many people struggle with and how you can overcome them.

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Balancing Diet and Exercise

Exercising is only half the battle of losing weight and staying fit. Be mindful of what you eat and what you're doing to your body. If you have an exercise routine then have a plan for what you eat as well. Don't starve yourself just because you want to lose an extra pound or two. It won't do your body any good and all the hard work you've put in will just go to waste.


Time Management

It's understandable that having a busy schedule can make it harder for you to keep any kind of weight loss routine going. However, don't use that as an excuse to skip out on your weight loss plan. You don't have to follow your plan to a tee, but make an effort to substitute for it. If you don't have time in the morning for a run, take the stairs instead of the elevator, bike instead of drive, or do yoga before bed.


Lack of Motivation

Think about WHY you want to lose weight; whether it'd be because you want a beach body by summer so you can wear that cute swimsuit you bought last season or because you want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Thoughts are quite powerful. Use them to your advantage and remind yourself that anything is possible if you work at it.


Being Too Comfortable with the Same Routine

Being too comfortable with where you're at means you're not challenging yourself enough. Make a list of something new you want to try. Cross them off your list as you complete them and keep your list going or simply go back to the beginning of your list. Switch up your routine and don't be afraid to try new things. Same routine means same results.


Getting the Same Results

Changing your routine doesn't always mean you'll see changes right away. Your body is trying to catch up with you. Understand that it takes time for things to change just like it does for your hair to grow or a wound to heal. Stop obsessing over every inch of your body and focus on the bigger picture...getting in shape and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.


Getting Used to Your New Body

It can be frustrating when you've lost the weight and now need clothes that actually fit your new body. Use this opportunity to celebrate your weight loss and success. Buy a cute new outfit for a possible date or for a night out with the girls. It can be fun and exciting and boost your confidence.


Don't Stop

When you've achieved that beach body you've always wanted, keep going. Yes, you may not see as many changes anymore or feel the need to keep following a routine or diet, but don't stop. Do give yourself a break, but don't forget to challenge yourself. Losing weight is not a phase or a stage you go through, but a lifestyle you choose for yourself.

You know your body best, so don't be afraid to tell yourself no when you've had enough. It can be difficult on your weight loss journey and you may want to quit along the way, but I hope these tips help you as you start tackling these struggles and overcome them. What else do you do to overcome some of these struggles?

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But what about wanting to give up because we can't see what's the point of doing this anymore?

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