7 Ways to Surf Your Way Slim ...


7 Ways to Surf Your Way Slim ...
7 Ways to Surf Your Way Slim ...

What are the ways surfing can help you lose weight? Let me tell you, because surfing can totally change your body. There was a short period in my life when I lived close to the beach in Long Island and surfing was my weekend addiction. There were many times I felt like there was nothing in the world that mattered but me, my board and the ocean. And from the results of my body alone it was apparent I was a surfer, because surfing works your arms, legs and abs. Surfing is a great total body workout with a major focus on strengthening the core. Just look at a lean surfer’s body, it is beautiful. Here are the ways surfing can help you lose weight.

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Surfing is Fun

Sometimes we focus so much on the challenges that workouts are that we forget it is okay for it to just be fun. Surfing burns approximately 250 calories an hour (based on a 150lb person). If you are up to the challenge you can go for 4 hours to burn 1000 calories while having a blast. This tops the ways surfing can help you lose weight!


Surfing Clears Your Mind

Just by being out at the beach with the fresh air alone you may feel mental clarity, but when combined with surfing the waves, you will feel great! Look at the ocean as your oasis and enjoy the waves. Want to feel more mental and physical strength? Then hit the waves! This mental clarity will help you to lose weight and feel great!


Surfing Works Your Total Body

As you head out to sea, paddle with your arms and legs and alternate. This will get your heart rate up more and condition your total body. And this will aid in your weight loss goals!


Surfing Focuses on the Core

Balancing on your board while you ride the waves can be a challenge and it majorly focuses on utilizing your core. So tighten your abs and enjoy the abdominal workout you will get when surfing. And this will help you to lose weight!


Surfing Can Help You to Make Better Food Choices

After riding the waves for 3 or 4 hours, you will be famished and the most refreshing meal will be a healthy one. Make sure you have a nice salad with some fruit and vegetables. Studies show that people that exercise eat healthier and have more energy. Lose weight, tone and have a great time while you surf in the sun!


Surfing is a Great Sport to do with Friends

If you surf with a group of friends, you will have a great time in their company while accessing if you are up for the next wave. This is a great sport to do in a group because you will get caught up in the fun and forget you are getting a workout.


Surfing Will Help You to Get Fit

Aside from the strengthening of your muscles, conditioning your total body and cardiovascular strengthening, you will feel more energy and be fit as a result of regularly surfing. And take it from me, being fit is so much fun!

Now that you know the ways that surfing can help you to lose weight, get ready to embark on a new journey on the ocean. Are you ready to take up the challenge?

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