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There are so many small changes that can help you lose weight if you just follow my fit day tips! By making minor changes and adding more exercise into your day, you can transform your body and your life. How great would it be if you were able to reshape your body just by making minor changes? That would help build your confidence and increase your energy! Well I am here to help you to make this happen! Here are the small changes that can help you lose weight now.

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Park Farther Away

Okay, I know you may be tired of hearing this but parking farther away at work, the grocery store or wherever your destination really does make a difference. By adding these little walks you can lose as much as 10 pounds in a year. So park father away and you will log some extra steps and burn more calories! These small changes that can help you lose weight make a big difference!


Take the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Even when I go on vacation and my room is on the 6th floor, I still refuse to take the elevator because I have trained myself to search for fit day tips. By taking the stairs you will burn some extra calories while strengthening your legs and butt!


Wear a Pedometer

The pedometers back in the day were so big that you may have been embarrassed to be seen wearing one, but that is part of the past. There are small pedometers such as the Fitbit that can barely be seen. Most of my clients wear their Fitbit pedometers attached to their bra so no one knows they are wearing it. A pedometer is great because it can help you to make sure you are reaching the weight loss and health recommended 10,000 steps per day!


Log Your Food Intake on Paper or Online

Sometimes as we cook, work, study and in between, we mindlessly snack on mini meals and are often unaware of our total caloric intake. If you log in your food intake online or in a journal, you can look back and make sure you are not overeating and eating the right food. This is one of the best tools in successful weight loss. Log in your food intake so you can be honest with yourself and so you are aware of what you are really eating!


Add in a Mid Day Workout

Take a walk or jog on your lunch break. If you tend to sweat a great deal, use the locker rooms post workout for a quick shower. In just a 30 minute run you can burn 300-400 calories. You will think clearer post workout and be ready to complete your day the right way with more accomplishment!


Take Mini Walk Breaks Every Hour

Every hour I try to get up for a little walk to stretch my legs. It is important not to fall into the “fit couch potato” category, which would mean you exercise once a day and the remainder of the day you are sitting. This is not good for your health, circulation or your waistline. So get up for a walk break just a few minutes every hour.


Aim for 5 Vegetables Every Day

Eat 5 vegetables a day to increase your fiber intake, better your immune system and increase your energy. You can reach your goal of 5 a day if you start your day with an omelet with fresh spinach, have a mid morning snack of broccoli, enjoy a salad for lunch, have carrot sticks for a mid afternoon snack and enjoy a salad with dinner! See? Life is as easy as you make it! Strive for your daily 5!


Watch Serving Sizes

It's easy to go over your desired calorie intake if you don't watch your serving sizes. For the untrained eye, it's hard to measure out a cup here and a tablespoon there. While counting calories isn't the only key to weight loss success, taking in too much of any type of food can undo all of your hard work! Measure out your portions so you can keep track of the amount of food you're consuming and to avoid overeating.


Choose Blue

Do you believe in color psychology? There is a branch of psychology that believes that certain colors can influence your mood and feelings. Many people believe that red and yellow make you hungry which is why many fast food restaurants incorporate those colors into their design and logo. Blue, on the other hand, is thought to help us eat less. Try switching out your regular plates for blue ones for awhile.


Eat in Designated Areas

It's easy to engage in mindless eating on the couch, so don't allow yourself! Eat only designated areas like the kitchen table or dining room table so you can enjoy your meal and better sense when you are truly full. Eating on the go in the car or eating while you're standing up by the pantry can contribute to overeating plus, you won't really feel like you ate.


Don't Multitask

Similar to eating in designated areas, it's also important to avoid multi-tasking while you eat. Eating while distracted or standing up doesn't always allow you to focus on your meal which can leave you feeling hungry even after you ate. Whenever you eat, put down your phone, put your work away and turn off the TV. This will help you savor the flavors and eat less.


Pack Your Lunch

If you're like me and sleep trumps everything else in the morning, I know it can be hard to pack a lunch in the morning. However, you can always make your lunch the night before and leave yourself a reminder to take it before head out. Homemade lunches will not only save you money, it's also guarantees that you'll know exactly what went into your meal and make it easier to stay on track.


Brush Your Teeth

Do you brush your teeth after every meal? If not, it might be a good idea to start. Brushing after your meals not only gives you a clean, minty mouth, it can also serve as a reminder to stop eating and refrain from random snacking. Keep a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste in your bag or desk so you're always prepared.

Make sure you include these small changes into your day to transform your life and feel great! Do you already follow any of these health tips?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington

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Drink as much water as you can! Try to drink a big glass of water 10-20 min before your meal. Avoid eating after 7:00pm; if you can't help it, try to eat some plain yogurt, as it'll help you sleep too. Don't get discouraged if you don't see results right away; it can take months to begin seeing results. Start with small steps and you'll gradually begin feeling empowered and so much more in control of your body and food choices :).

1st two definatley super easy to do :)


Reading tips like this help me feel more confident and motivated! Thanks!

Good tips from all the soft legs (ladies), ciao.

You can also download "moves" in appstore. This app records all your steps and your cycling and your running.

And drink lots of water!!!

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