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The problem with losing weight is finding ways to stick with your weight loss plan with so many distractions sabotaging your efforts. The call of tantalizing sweets or a busy schedule heading the list, and who can say no to chocolate cupcakes? Some have the strength, but I certainly don’t! Every weight loss plan has an end goal. If you are eager to achieve it, then follow my top 7 ways to stick to your weight loss plan.

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Schedule Your Meals

It is easier to control what you eat if you have a set time for your meals. It is understandably hard to restrain yourself until the hands of the clock give you permission, but you have to try. It also helps to prepare small portions of healthy snacks in your fridge so you can have a little nibble when you feel the hunger.


Start Small

Some women jump right into the weight loss plan, but the bestadviceis to take it slow. Start with small changes in your eating habits; add in a little fun exercise like Zumba and with small steps integrate your weight loss plan into your lifestyle. A few weeks of consistent focus on the changes you can handle, and you will see results that will bring you closer to your fitness goals.


Deal with Emotional Eating

If you eat because you are unhappy or frustrated, then it is difficult to follow any weight loss plan without first dealing with these feelings. You need to listen to your body, ask yourself the reason for your need for food, is it a physical urge or are you just trying to unburden your emotional distress. Once you can tell the difference, it is just a matter of controlling yourself.


Keep the Rewards in Mind

Push yourself towards your weight loss goals. Every time you feel like giving up, remind yourself of your reward. Good health. A trim waist. To finally fit into your old jeans. The rewards must be constantly in the forefront of your mind and you must always tell yourself you can do it.


Find a Diet Buddy

You and a weight loss buddy can be each other’s moral and emotional support as you follow the diet plan which includes discussing better ways to stay healthy. Basically, being there for each other as «weight loss sisters». If you are having trouble with weight loss, there is no better companion than an empathetic friend.


Avoid Trouble Zones

Your favorite bakery, McDonald's... any place that compels you to break your weightloss plan should be avoided at all costs. It is better to take a different route from work rather than crying over gained calories. If you can’t escape these dens of temptation, then mentally fortify yourself against them. Remind yourself of your weightloss plan and your goals and resist with all your might or better still – take a friend to bodily restrain you. *wink*


Overcome Setbacks

In the beginning, you may fall off the wagon a few times, your resolve may waver and you will dive into fast food and sweets. Don’t be disheartened; pick yourself up and vow to stay true to your weight loss plan. What matters is your dedication, not how many times you fall.

Do you think these tips are helpful? Which of them works best for you? I would love to know what works for you, so please share!

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Hi! I really like the concept of "get back on the horse" because I find it easy to say "the heck with it" if I make a mistake but I find the thing that makes the most difference is NOT GIVING UP. everyone makes mistakes but the successful people are those who keep trying and learn from their mistakes and who aren't ashamed by their mistakes but just pick themselves up and keep trying.

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