9 Veggies That Aid in Weight Loss ...


9 Veggies That Aid in Weight Loss ...
9 Veggies That Aid in Weight Loss ...

If you’re dieting, then you already know how important it is to eat the right balance of fresh, wholesome foods, like whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean proteins… but which ones? Which veggies are the best? This question is particularly important if you don’t eat your veggies as often as you should… but I can help. Here are 9 veggies that aid in weight loss… and I’m sure you’ll love them all!

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Calories per serving: 7
Popeye was on to something! Spinach gives you energy, sure, but it’s one of the best veggies that aid in weight loss. It’s low-calorie, and it’s loaded with antioxidant vitamins A and C. Enjoy it cooked or raw in a salad, or even as a sandwich topping.



Calories per serving: 16
Cucumbers don’t have many calories, and while they also don’t have a lot of nutritional value, they’re an excellent veggie for weight loss because they’re such a great way to satisfy your craving for something crisp and cool and savory. If you’re eating a lush cucumber, you’re a lot less likely to indulge in a not-so-healthy snack, like chips.



Calories per serving: 5
One tiny serving of carrots gives you almost half of your USDA recommended allowance of vitamin A… is it ironic then that “amazing” starts with an A? Raw baby carrots make an excellent mid-afternoon snack, one that will keep you full and give you a burst of energy.



Calories per serving: 20
Who knew broccoli was such a marvelous veggie for weight loss? It’s got loads of vitamin C, more than your recommended daily allowance, and it also has a little protein, iron, and calcium for good measure. Enjoy it raw, dipped in low-cal ranch, or cooked as a super supper side dish!



Calories per serving: 20
Asparagus is an all-around helpful veggie. It contains a little fiber (so you’ll feel fuller, longer), a little vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron… and it’s delicious, so it’s a shoo-in as a veggie that aids in weight loss. And to any teenage boys who are reading this, yes… eat it, and it will turn your urine a little green. Eww...



Calories per serving: 22
I wish I could eat cabbage, but it does me wrong! It’s got lots of fiber, and it’s an excellent source of so many other nutrients! It’s delicious in a salad, or in a low-fat, low-calorie slaw mix, or cooked… there are so many ways to enjoy this tasty little veggie for weight loss… just not for me… *wink


Bell Peppers

Calories per serving: 30
Craving a crisp, savory snack? Slice a little fresh green bell pepper and enjoy! It’s got 200% of your USDA recommended allowance of vitamin C, and it’s a very good source of fiber, too. I love adding diced peppers to whole-grain pasta salad, too!



Calories per serving: 27
While the debate over whether tomatoes are a fruit or a vegetable rages on, ignore it and just enjoy them as one of the best veggies for weight loss. There are so many varieties, from sweet cherry tomatoes to tangier grape tomatoes.



Calories per serving: 14
I had to include zucchini on my list of the best veggies for weight loss because it’s so versatile… and because most dieters, like me, struggle with finding healthy ways to eat Italian food! Whole grain pasta with a little cooked zucchini and tomatoes and eggplant… low-calorie, but so delicious!

See? Not all veggies are bland, boring, or icky. I love all of these! Well, I USED to love cabbage… but still! Which of these veggies for weight loss do you like best, and how do you prepare it? Or is there another veggie that aids in weight loss I need to know about?

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l will try eatingthis veg coz eish l want to loose weight

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