7 Best Foods to Get Rid of That Belly Fat ...


7 Best Foods to Get Rid of That Belly Fat ...
7 Best Foods to Get Rid of That Belly Fat ...

You’ve seen the banner ads all over the internet, but can you believe the hype? Are there foods for belly fat, or rather, foods that get rid of belly fat? Well, yes and no. There’s no one magical food you can add, or delete, from your diet that will melt away all of your belly fat, but with an all-around healthy diet and regular exercise, it can happen! What is this all-around healthy diet, the foods for belly fat, you ask? Keep reading! Here are the 7 best foods for belly fat… or the diet to bust belly fat once and for all!

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Fresh Fruits

I know, I know, fruits contain carbs, and carbs are bad, right? No, wrong! The right carbs, like the ones in fresh fruits, are actually good for you! First, there’s the natural sugar, which has been shown to help provide energy and even boost your mood, without the crash that comes from other sources of not-so-natural sugar. Second, fresh fruits are loaded with fiber, which is a dieter’s friend — it aids in healthy digestion and helps you feel fuller, longer.


Fresh Veggies

Like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables are another of the foods for belly fat, and for some of the same reasons. Like fresh fruits, fresh veggies are loaded with fiber… unlike fresh fruits, fresh veggies can also help curb high-fat cravings, like salt cravings (which can lead to chips or buttered popcorn) and savory cravings (like comfort food). Hooray for fresh veggies!


Low-fat Dairy

We women need calcium and vitamin D, but whole-fat dairy can make us fat! What’s a girl to do? Luckily, we have options, since most of the cheeses and yoghurts we love are available in low-fat or skim options. That’s right: low-fat dairy is another of the wholesome foods for belly fat.


Lean Proteins

Grilled chicken, baked fish, tasty beans and legumes — these are more foods for belly fat, because they’re great sources of lean protein. Lean protein is important for building muscle to replace the fat we’re burning when we work out.


Vegetarian Meals

Simply by swapping one day’s worth of meals from omnivore to herbivore, you’ll bust belly fat. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to illustrate just how important fruits, veggie, nuts, seeds and such are to a diet to bust belly fat.


Whole Grains

And we’re back to singing the praises of fiber! Whole grains are another excellent source of healthy carbs, a marvelously hearty and tasty alternative to the less-than-healthy carbs in processed white breads and pastas.



Soda, sugary juices, caffeine-laced energy drinks: these things won’t help you lose weight, and don’t belong in any diet to bust belly fat! Even diet soda’s been proven to actually encourages people to gain weight, not lose it… so maybe it’s best if you stick with water. It’s calorie-free, tasty, and keeps you looking and feeling hydrated and happy. Aim for 8 8-ounces glasses per day.

What’s remarkable about these foods for belly fat is that they’re actually great at getting rid of fat all over, too! Combine this diet with strenuous exercise five days a week, for half an hour each session, and like the banner ads promise (but sadly can’t deliver) will happen — you’ll lose weight and look and feel great! Which of these foods for belly fat surprised you, and how will you add it to your diet? Do tell!

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