7 Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Using Right Now ...


7 Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Using Right Now ...
7 Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Using Right Now ...

Why is it that so many weight loss advice columns and articles focus on some fuzzy date in the future, and not the immediate here-and-now, today? You want to start losing weight this minute, not in a week or a month or a year… and I can help. Here are 7 weight loss tips you can start using right now, today… this minute if you want!

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Try for Five

This weight loss tip is a two-for… because you ought to aim for five servings of fresh fruits and veggies every day, and you ought to aim for eating five small meals a day (rather than three big ones). How will these help? Because if you eat five small meals a day, you won’t have the chance to be ravenous and weak to temptation, and because this constant eating will keep your metabolism in high gear. The five fruits and veggies are important because they’re loaded with nutrients you need, like the diet’s friend fiber, to aid digestion and keep you feeling fuller, longer.


Skip the Soda

Plain and simple, soda has no place in a healthy diet, so my second weight loss tip you can start using right now is to SKIP THE SODA. Yes, all CAPS! It’s important! Soda is loaded with calories, most of them from sugar. Aside from that sugar, soda contains nothing nutritious… and in fact, some studies have shown it can actually leach valuable calcium from our bones.


Even Diet Soda!

If you’re thinking you can just swap the regular soda and drink diet soda instead, think again. A recent study by the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio found that people who drink diet soda actually gain 43% more weight than people who don’t drink diet soda. Add to that the risk of cancer from the artificial sweetener, and maybe you ought to just heed this weight loss tip and stop drinking soda altogether, right now!


Shop the Perimeter

Taking advantage of this weight loss tip is as simple as steering your shopping cart in a particular pattern, from the outside aisles of the store directly to the check-out, avoiding the inner aisles altogether. Why? Because the perimeter of the store is where all the good stuff is — the whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and fresh fruits and veggies — and the inner aisles contain all the junk food. So this is a weight loss tip you can use right now, or at least the next time you go to the grocery store!


Avoid Processed Foods

Fast food and canned or boxed foods are horrible for you, so this is another weight loss tip you can use right now — stop eating this stuff! It’s loaded with fat and sodium and lots of flavorings and preservatives and additives I can’t pronounce, let alone identify as food.


Switch to Whole Grains

There are lots of reasons to swap your bland, flimsy white bread for wholesome, tasty whole grain bread… but most importantly, whole grain bread is loaded with valuable fiber and other nutrients, while white bread is literally bleached of them. Take the swap one step farther and switch to whole grain pasta too!


Include Some Exercise!

This weight loss tip you can use right now requires nothing more than the right shoes and a little time — exercise! Go for a brisk walk around the block, or take the stairs rather than the elevator at work… regular strenuous exercise is a fabulous way to aid your weight loss… and it’ll give you a lean, toned body. Woo!

See? You can use every one of these weight loss tips right now, today! These tips are especially helpful right now if you’re planning a trip to the grocery store today… if so, which of these tips will you use today? Are you ready to give up soda, and push your shopping cart along my very specific route? Or do you have any other weight loss tips to share?

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