7 Smart Tips for Losing Baby Weight ...

By Alison

7 Smart Tips for Losing Baby Weight ...

Do you feel you desperately need some tips for losing baby weight? New mothers are bombarded with images of celebrity moms who are back in their pre-baby clothes seemingly before they've even left hospital! Unfortunately emulating famous moms isn't very realistic, and losing weight too rapidly definitely isn't advisable. It’s a slow process, and it’s important to maintain your health and energy while you do so. So here are some sensible tips for losing baby weight.

1 Don’t Rush

One of the most important tips for losing baby weight is that you should wait a couple of months before trying to lose weight, especially if you’re breast-feeding, which uses a huge amount of energy (and calories). Remember, it took you nine months to gain the weight, so expect to take some time to lose it! Trying to lose weight too quickly isn't wise under any circumstances, and especially so when you have recently given birth.

2 Walking

Walking is great exercise for anyone, and particularly good for new moms. It’s gentle, easy to incorporate into your day, and flexible. Wherever possible, put your baby in a stroller and take him for a walk, rather than drive around. Walking is relaxing, will help keep you fit, and is a good chance to get some fresh air.

3 Exercise Class

With a small baby to care for, you might not feel much like exercise. However, it’s worth joining a class specifically designed for new moms, such as a yoga class. These classes will be designed to help you exercise gently without straining your body. Plus it’s also a good opportunity to meet new people, at a time when you may be feeling that your life involves around diapers and feeds!

4 Don’t Follow Celebrities

I’m sure our readers are too smart to be fooled by airbrushed pictures of celebrity perfection. However, it is very common to see photos of celebrity moms looking incredibly slim when their baby is just weeks old. Remember that looking good is their job, and they have access to nutritionists and personal trainers. Don’t feel that you are inadequate for not losing weight as quickly as they do.

5 Realistic Time Frame

When you want to lose weight, it’s best to plan to do so within a sensible time frame. Looking after a young baby is demanding enough, so don’t put yourself through attempting a rapid weight loss. Decide how many pounds you need to lose (don’t take that too far!), and work out how long it will take you at a pound or two per week. And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach your target every week.

6 Regular

Taking exercise on a regular basis will help you lose your baby weight. You may not feel like exercising sometimes, but try to make that weekly class, and go for a walk every day. Swimming is excellent as well, and something that you can do with your baby – they can go into the pool as early as six weeks.

7 Buddy up

It’s easy to lose motivation when you’re losing weight on your own, so why not look for a buddy who shares your goal? It can be another new mom, or a friend who simply wants to lose weight. You can encourage each other to achieve your goals (although don’t treat it as a competition), and if either of you loses enthusiasm, the other will be there to motivate them!

It may be depressing if the baby weight doesn't drop off you, but remember that for most moms it’s perfectly normal for the weight loss to take several months. So be sensible about the process of losing those pounds, and don’t pressure yourself to get rid of them too quickly. Your body has done some hard work, and you need to give it time to return to normal. What great ways did you find of losing your baby weight, and was it harder with a second or subsequent child?

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Buddy up!!! I take my sister to the gym with me she's great! She always motivates me and time gos by really fast, it's less boring!



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